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The Complete Poems by Christina Rossetti
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The Complete Poems

Best Seller
The Complete Poems by Christina Rossetti
Paperback $22.00
Nov 01, 2001 | ISBN 9780140423662

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  • Nov 01, 2001 | ISBN 9780140423662

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Table Of Contents

Text by R. W. Crump with an Introduction and Notes by Betty S. Flowers

Table of Dates
Further Reading
Goblin Market and Other Poems (1862)
Goblin Market
In the Round Tower at Jhansi, June 8, 1857
At Home
A Triad
Love from the North
Winter Rain
Cousin Kate
Noble Sisters
The Lambs of Grasmere, 1860
A Birthday
After Death
An End
My Dream
Song (“Oh roses for the flush of youth”)
The Hour and the Ghost
A Summer Wish
An Apple-Gathering
Song (“Two doves upon the selfsame branch”)
Maude Clare
Winter: My Secret
Another Spring
A Peal of Bells
Fata Morgana
“No, Thank You, John”
May (“I cannot tell you how it was”)
A Pause of Thought
Twilight Calm
Wife to Husband
Three Seasons
Shut Out
Sound Sleep
Song (“She sat and sang alway”)
Song (“When I am dead, my dearest”)
Dead Before Death
Bitter for Sweet
Sister Maude
The First Spring Day
The Convent Threshold


“The Love of Christ Which Passeth Knowledge”
“A Bruised Reed Shall He Not Break”
A Better Resurrection
Advent (“This Advent moon shines cold and clear”)
The Three Enemies
One Certainty
Christian and Jew/A Dialogue
Sweet Death
“Consider the Lilies of the Field” (“Flowers preach to us if we will hear”)
The World
A Testimony
Sleep at Sea
From House to Home
Old and New Year Ditties
The Prince’s Progress and Other Poems (1866)
The Prince’s Progress
Jessie Cameron
Spring Quiet
The Poor Ghost
A Portrait
Songs in a Cornfield
A Year’s Windfalls
The Queen of Hearts
One Day
A Bird’s-Eye View
Light Love
On the Wing
A Ring Posy
Beauty Is Vain
Maggie a Lady
What Would I Give?
The Bourne
Summer (“Winter is cold-hearted”)
Autumn (“I dwell alone—I dwell alone, alone”)
The Ghost’s Petition
A Royal Princess
Shall I Forget?
Vanity of Vanities (“Ah woe is me for pleasure that is vain”)
L. E. L.
Life and Death
Bird or Beast?
Grown and Flown
A Farm Walk
Somewhere or Other
A Chill
Child’s Talk in April
Gone for Ever
“The Iniquity of the Fathers Upon the Children”


Despised and Rejected
Long Barren
If Only
Dost Thou Not Care?
Weary in Well-Doing
Martyrs’ Song
After This the Judgment
Good Friday (“Am I a stone and not a sheep”)
The Lowest Place
Poems Added in Goblin Market, The Prince’s Progress and Other Poems (1875)
By the Sea
From Sunset to Star Rise
Days of Vanity
Once for All/(Margaret)
Enrica, 1865
Autumn Violets
A Dirge (“Why were you born when the snow was falling”)
“They Desire a Better Country”
A Green Cornfield
A Bride Song
The Lowest Room
Dead Hope
A Daughter of Eve
Song (“Oh what comes over the sea”)
Venus’s Looking-Glass
Love Lies Bleeding
Bird Raptures
My Friend
Twilight Night
A Bird Song
A Smile and a Sigh
Amor Mundi
The German-French Campaign/1870-1871: 1. “Thy Brother’s Blood Crieth”; 2. “Today for Me”
A Christmas Carol (“In the bleak mid-winter”)
By the Waters of Babylon/B.C. 570
Mother Country
“I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes Unto the Hills” (“I am pale with sick desire”)
“The Master Is Come, and Calleth for Thee”
Who Shall DeliverMe?
“When My Heart Is Vexed, I Will Complain” (“O Lord, how canst Thou say Thou lovest me?”)
After Communion
Saints and Angels
A Rose Plant in Jericho
Sing-Song: A Nursery Rhyme Book
Angels at the foot
Love me, – I love you
My baby has a father and a mother
Out little baby fell asleep
“Kookoorookoo! kookoorookoo!”
Baby cry
Eight o’clock
Bread and milk for breakfast
There’s snow on the fields
Dead in the cold, a song-singing thrush
I dug and dug amongst the snow
A city plum is not a plum
Your brother has a falcon
Hear what the mournful linnets say
A baby’s cradle with no baby in it
Hop-o’-my-thumb and little Jack Horner
Hope is like a harebell trembling from its birth
O wind, why do you never rest
Crying, my little one, footsore and weary
Growing in the vale
A linnet in a gilded cage
Wrens and robins in the hedge
My baby has a mottled fist
Why did baby die
If all were rain and never sun
O wind, where have you been
On the grassy banks
Rushes in a watery place
Minnie and Mattie
Heartease in my garden bed
If I were a Queen
What are heavy? sea-sand and sorrow
There is but one May in the year
The summer nights are short
The days are clear
Twist me a crown of wind-flowers
Brown and furry
A toadstoll comes up in a night
A pocket hankerchief to hem
If a pig wore a wig
Seldom “can’t”
1 and 1 are 2
How many seconds in a minute
What will you give me for my pound
January cold desolate
What is pink? a rose is pink
Mother shake the cherry-tree
A pin has a head, but has no hair
Hopping frog, hop here and be seen
Where innocent bright-eyed daisies are
The city mouse lives in a house
What does the donkey bray about
Three plum buns
A motherless soft lambkin
Dancing on the hill-tops
When fishes set umbrellas up
The peacock has a score of eyes
Pussy has a whiskered face
The dog lies in his kennel
If hope grew on a bush
I planted a hand
Under the ivy bush
There is one that has a head without an eye
If a mouse could fly
Sing me a song
The lily has an air
Margaret has a milking-pail
In the meadow – what in the meadow
A frisky lamb
Mix a pancake
The wind has such a rainy sound
Three little children
Fly away, fly away over the sea
Minnie bakes oaten cakes
A white hen sitting
Currants on a bush
I have but one rose in the world
Rosy maiden Winifred
When the cows come home the milk is coming
Roses blushing red and white
“Ding a ding”
A ring upon her finger
“Ferry me across the water”
When a mounting skylark sings
Who has seen the wind
The horses of the sea
O sailor, come ashore
A diamond or a coal
An emerald is green as grass
Boats sail on the rivers
The lily has a smooth stalk
Hurt no living thing
I caught a little ladybird
All the bells were ringing
Wee wee husband
I have a little husband
The dear old woman in the lane
Swift and sure the swallow
“I dreamt I caught a little owl”
What does the bee do
I have a Poll parrot
A house of cards
The rose with such a bonny blush
The rose that blushes rosy red
Oh fair to see
Clever little Willie wee
The peach tree on the southern wall
A rose has thorns as well as honey
Is the moon tired? she looks so pale
If stars dropped out of heaven
“Goodbye in fear, goodbye in sorrow”
If the sun could tell us half
If the moon came from heaven
O Lady Moon, your horns point toward the east
What do the stars do
Motherless baby and babyless mother
Crimson curtains round my mother’s bed
Baby lies so fast asleep
I know a baby, such a baby
Lullaby, oh lullaby
Lie a-bed
Poems Added in Sing-Song: A Nursery Rhyme Book
Brownie, Brownie, let down your milk
Sroke a flint, and there is nothing to admire
I am a King
Playing at bob cherry
Blind from my birth
A Pageant and Other Poems (1881)
Sonnets are full of love, and this my tome
The Key-Note
The Months/A Pageant
“Italia, Io Ti Saluto!”
Mirrors of Life and Death
A Ballad of Boding
Yet a Little While (“I dreamed and did not seek: today I seek”)
He and She
Monna Innominata
“Luscious and Sorrowful” (“Beautiful, tender, wasting away for sorrow”)
De Profundis
Tempus Fugit
Golden Glories
“Hollow-sounding and Mysterious”
Maiden May
Till Tomorrow
Touching “Never”
Brandons Both
A Life’s Parallels
At Last
Golden Silences
In the Willow Shade
Fluttered Wings
A Fisher-Wife
What’s in a Name?
Memento Mori
“One Foot on Sea, and One on Shore”
Buds and Babies
Boy Johnny
Freaks of Fashion
An October Garden
“Summer Is Ended”
Passing and Glassing
“I Will Arise”
A Prodigal Son
Soeur Louise de la Misericorde
An “Immurata” Sister
“If Thou Sayest, Behold, We Knew It Not”
The Thread of Life
An Old-World Thicket
“All Thy Works Praise Thee, O Lord”/A Processional of Creation
Later Life: A Double Sonnet of Sonnets
“For Thine Own Sake, O My God”
Until the Day Break
“Of Him That Was Ready to Perish”
“Behold the Man!”
The Descent from the Cross
“It Is Finished”
An Easter Carol
“Behold a Shaking”
All Saints (“They are flocking from the East”)
“Take Care of Him”
A Martyr/The Vigil of the Feast
“Love Is Strong as Death” (“I have not sought Thee, I have not found Thee”)
Poems Added in Poems (1888, 1890)
Birchington Churchyard
One Sea-Side Grave
Brother Bruin
“A Helpmeet for Him”
A Song of Flight
A Wintry Sonnet
Today’s Burden
“There Is a Budding Morrow in Midnight”
Exultate Deo
A Hope Carol
Christmas Carols: “Whoso hears a chiming for Christmas in the nighest”; “A holy, heavenly chime”; Lo! newborn Jesus
A Candlemas Dialogue
Mary Magdalene and the Other Mary/A Song for XII Maries
Patience of Hope
Verses (1893)


Alone Lord God, in Whom our trust and peace
Seven vials hold Thy wrath: but what can hold
“Where neither rust nor moth doth corrupt”
“As the sparks fly upwards”
Lord, make us all love all: that when we meet
O Lord, I am ashamed to seek Thy Face
It is not death, O Christ, to die for Thee
Lord, grant us eyes to see and ears to hear
“Cried out with Tears”
O Lord, on Whom we gaze and dare not gaze
“I will come and heal him”
Ah, Lord, Lord, if my heart were right with Thine
“The gold of that land is good”
Weigh all my faults and follies righteously
Lord, grant me grace to love Thee in my pain
Lord, make me one with Thine own faithful ones
“Light of Light”


“The ransomed of the Lord”
Lord, we are rivers running to Thy sea
“An exceeding bitter cry”
O Lord, when Thou didst call me, didst Thou know
“Thou, God, seest me”
Lord Jesus, who would think that I am Thine
“The Name of Jesus”
Lord God of Hosts, most Holy and most High
Lord, what have I that I may offer Thee
If I should say “my heart is in my home”
Leaf from leaf Christ knows
Lord, carry me. – Nay, but I grant thee strength
Lord, I am here. – But, child, I look for thee
New creatures; the Creator still the Same
“King of kings and lord of lords”
Thy Name, O Christ, as incense streaming forth
“The Good Shepherd”
“Rejoice with Me”
Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right
Me and my gift: kind Lord, behold
“He cannot deny Himself”
“Slain from the foundation of the world”
Lord Jesu, Thou art sweetness to my soul
I, Lord, Thy foolish sinner low and small
“Because He first loved us”
Lord, hast Thou so loved us, and will not we
As the dove which found no rest
“Thou art Fairer than the children of men”
“As the Apple Tree among the trees of the wood”
None other Lamb, none other Name
“Thy Friend and thy Father’s Friend forget not”
“Surely He has borne our griefs”
“They toil not, neither do they spin”
Darkness and light are both alike to Thee
“And now why tarriest thou?”
Have I not striven, my God, and watched and prayed
“God is our Hope and Strength”
Day and night the Accuser makes no pause
O mine enemy
Lord, dost Thou look on me, and will not I
“Peace I leave with you”
O Christ our All in each, our All in all
Because Thy Love hath sought me
Thy fainting spouse, yet still Thy spouse
“Like as the hart desireth the water brooks”
“That where I am, there ye may be also”
“Judge not according to the appearance”
My God, wilt Thou accept, and will not we
A chill blank world. Yet over the utmost sea
“The Chiefest among ten thousand” (“O Jesu, better than thy gifts”)

Some Feasts and Fasts

Advent Sunday
Advent (“Earth grown old, yet still so green”)
Sooner or later: yet at last
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
St. John, Apostle
“Beloved, let us love one another,” says St. John
Holy Innocents (“They scarcely waked before they slept”)
Unspotted lambs to follow the one Lamb
That Eden of earth’s sunrise cannot vie
Piteous my rhyme is
Ash Wednesday (“My God, my God, have mercy on my sin”)
Good Lord, today
Palm Sunday
Monday in Holy Week
Tuesday in Holy Week
Wednesday in Holy Week
Maundy Thursday
Good Friday Morning
Good Friday (“Lord Jesus Christ, grown faint upon the Cross”)
Good Friday Evening
“A bundle of myrrh is my Well-beloved to me”
Easter Even (“The tempest over and gone, the calm begun”)
Our Church Palms are budding willow twigs
Easter Day
Easter Monday
Easter Tuesday
Ascension Eve
Ascension Day
Whitsun Eve (“‘As many as I love.’ – Ah, Lord, Who lovest all”)
Whitsun Day
Whitsun Monday
Whitsun Tuesday
Trinity Sunday
Conversion of St. Paul
In weariness and painfulness St. Paul
Vigil of the Presentation
Feast of the Presentation
The Purification of St. Mary the Virgin
Vigil of the Annunciation
Feast of the Annunciation
Herself a rose, who bore the Rose
St. Mark
St. Barnabas
Vigil of St. Peter
St. Peter
St. Peter once: “Lord, dost Thou wash my feet?”
I followed Thee, my God, I followed Thee
Vigil of St. Bartholomew
St. Michael and All Angels
Vigil of All Saints
All Saints (“As grains of sand, as stars, as drops of dew”)
All Saints: Martyrs
“I gave a sweet smell”
Hark! the Alleluias of the great salvation
A Song for the Least of All Saints
Sunday before Advent


Love loveth Thee, and wisdom loveth Thee
Lord, give me love that I may love Thee much
“As a king,….unto the King”
O ye who love today
Life that was born today
“Perfect Love casteth out Fear”
Hope is the counterpoise of fear
“Subject to like Passions as we are”
Experience bows a sweet contented face
“Charity never Faileth”
“The Greatest of these is Charity”
All beneath the sun hasteth
If thou be dead, forgive and thou shalt live
“Let Patience have her perfect work” (“Can man rejoice who lives in hourly fear?”)
Patience must dwell with Love, for Love and Sorrow
“Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord”
What is the beginning? Love. What the course? Love still
Lord, make me pure
Love, to be love, must walk Thy way
Lord, I am feeble and of mean account
Tune me, O Lord, into one Harmony
“They shall be as white as snow”
Thy lilies drink the dew
“When I was in trouble I called upon the Lord”
Grant us such grace that we may work Thy Will
“Who hath despised the day of small things?”
“Do this, and he doeth it”
“That no man take thy Crown”
“Ye are come unto Mount Sion”
“Sit down in the lowest room”
“Lord, it is good for us to be here”
Lord, grant us grace to rest upon Thy word


“A vain Shadow”
“Lord, save us, we perish”
What is this above thy head
Babylon the Great
“Standing afar off for the fear of her torment”
“O Lucifer, Son of the Morning!”
Alas, alas! for the self-destroyed
As froth on the face of the deep
“Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched”
Toll, bell, toll. For hope is flying

Earth has clear call of daily bells
“Escape to the Mountain”
I lift mine eyes to see: earth vanisheth
“Yet a little while” (“Heaven is not far, though far the sky”)
“Behold, it was very good”
“Whatsoever is right, that shall ye receive”
This near-at-hand land breeds pain by measure
“Was Thy Wrath against the Sea?”
“And there was no more Sea”
Roses on a brier
We are of those who tremble at Thy word
“Awake, thou that sleepest”
We know not when, we know not where
“I will lift up mine eyes unto the Hills” (“When sick of life and all the world”)
“Then whose shall those things be?”
“His Banner over me was Love”
Beloved, yield thy time to God, for He
Time seems not short
The half moon shows a face of plaintive sweetness
“As the Doves to their windows”
Oh knell of a passing time
Time passeth away with its pleasure and pain
“The Earth shall tremble at the Look of Him”
Time lengthening, in the lengthening seemeth long
“All Flesh is Grass”
Heaven’s chimes are slow, but sure to strike at last
“There remaineth therefore a Rest to the People of God”
Parting after parting
“They put their trust in Thee, and were not confounded”
Short is time, and only time is bleak
For Each
For All


“The Holy City, New Jerusalem”
When wickedness is broken as a tree
Jerusalem of fire
“She shall be brought unto the King”
Who is this that cometh up not alone
Who sits with the King in His Throne? Not a slave but a bride
“Beautiful for situation”
Lord, by what inconceivable dim road
“As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country”
Cast down but not destroyed, chastened not slain
Lift up thine eyes to seek the invisible
“Love is strong as Death” (“As flames that consume the mountains, as winds that coerce the sea”)
“Let them rejoice in their beds” (“Crimson as the rubies, crimson as the roses”)
Slain in their high places: fallen on rest
“What hath God wrought!”
“Before the Throne, and before the Lamb”
“He shall go no more out”
Yea, blessed and holy is he that hath part in the First Resurrection
The joy of Saints, like incense turned to fire
What are these lovely ones, yea, what are these?
“The General Assembly and Church of the Firstborn”
“Every one that is perfect shall be as his master”
“As dying, and behold we live”
“So great a cloud of Witnesses”
Our Mothers, lovely women pitiful
Safe where I cannot lie yet
“Is it well with the child?”
Dear Angels and dear disembodied Saints
“To every seed his own body”
“What good shall my life do me?” (“Have dead men long to wait?”)


“Her Seed; It shall bruise thy head”
“Judge nothing before the time”
How great is little man
Man’s life is but a working day
If not with hope of life
“The day is at hand”
“Endure hardness”
“Whither the Tribes go up, even the Tribes of the Lord”
Where never tempest heaveth
Marvel of marvels, if I myself shall behold
“What is that to thee? follow thou me”
“Worship God”
“Afterward he repented, and went”
“Are they not all Ministering Spirits?”
Our life is long. Not so, wise Angels say
Lord, what have I to offer? sickening far
Joy is but sorrow
Can I know it? – Nay
“When my heart is vexed I will complain” (“The fields are white to harvest, look and see”)
“Praying always”
“As thy days, so shall thy strength be”
A heavy heart, if ever heart was heavy
If love is not worth loving, then life is not worth living
What is it Jesus saith unto the soul
They lie at rest, our blessed dead
“Ye that fear Him, both small and great”
“Called to be Saints”
The sinner’s own fault? So it was
Who cares for earthly bread tho’ white?
Laughing Life cries at the feast
“The end is not yet”
Who would wish back the Saints upon our rough
“That which hath been is named already, and it is known that it is Man”
Of each sad word which is more sorrowful
“I see that all things come to an end”
“But Thy Commandment is exceeding broad”
Sursum Corda
O ye,who are not dead and fit
Where shall I find a white rose blowing
“Redeeming the Time”
“Now they desire a Better Country”
A Castle-Builder’s World
“These all wait upon Thee”
“Doeth well…doeth better”
Our heaven must be within ourselves
“Vanity of Vanities” (“Of all the downfalls in the world”)
The hills are tipped with sunshine, while I walk
Scarce tolerable life, which all life long
All heaven is blazing yet
“Balm in Gilead”
“In the day of his Espousals”
“She came from the uttermost part of the earth”
Alleluia! or Alas! my heart is crying
The Passion Flower hath sprung up tall
God’s Acre
“The Flowers appear on the Earth”
“Thou knewest…thou oughtest therefore”
“Go in Peace”
“Half dead”
“One of the Soldiers with a Spear pierced His Side”
Where love is, there comes sorrow
Bury Hope out of sight
A Churchyard Song of Patient Hope
One woe is past. Come what come will
“Take no thought for the morrow”
“Consider the Lilies of the field” (“Solomon most gracious in array”)
“Son, remember”
“Heaviness may endure for a night, but Joy cometh in the morning”
“The Will of the Lord be done”
“Lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven”
“Whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth”
“Then shall ye shout”
Everything that is born must die
Lord, grant us calm, if calm can set forth Thee
Changing Chimes
“Thy Servant will go and fight with this Philistine”
Thro’ burden and heat of the day
“Then I commended Mirth”
Sorrow hath a double voice
Shadows today, while shadows show God’s Will
“Truly the Light is sweet”
“Are ye not much better than they?”
“Yea, the sparrow hath found her an house”
“I am small and of no reputation”
O Christ my God Who seest the unseen
Yea, if Thou wilt, Thou canst put up Thy sword
Sweetness of rest when Thou sheddest rest
O foolish Soul! to make thy count
Before the beginning Thou hast foreknown the end
The goal in sigh! Look up and sing
Looking back along life’s trodden way
Separately Published Poems
Death’s Chill Between
Heart’s Chill Between
New Enigmas
The Rose (“O Rose, thou flower of flowers, thou fragrant wonder”)
The Trees’ Counselling
“Behold, I stand at the door and knock”
“Gianni my friend and I both strove to excel”
The Offering of the New Law, the One Oblation once Offered
The eleventh hour
I know you not
A Christmas Carol (“Before the paling of the stars”)
Easter Even (“There is nothing more that they can do”)
Come unto Me
Ash Wednesday (“Jesus, do I love Thee?”)
Spring Fancies
“Last Night”
Peter Grump/Forss
Helen Grey
Seasons (“Oh the cheerful budding-time”)
Henry Hardiman
Within the Veil
Paradise: in a Symbol
“In July”
“Love hath a name of Death”
“Tu scnedi dalle stelle, O Re del Cielo”
“Alas my Lord”
An Alphabet
Husband and Wife
Michael F.M. Rossetti
A Sick Child’s Meditation
“Love is all happiness, love is all beauty”
“A handy Mole who plied no shovel”
“One swallow does not make a summer”
“Contemptuous of his home beyond”
A Word for the Dumb
Cardinal Newman
An Echo from Willowwood
“Yea, I Have a Goodly Heritage”
A Death of a First-born
“Faint, Yet Pursuing”
“What will it be, O my soul, what will it be”
“Lord, Thou art fulness, I am emptiness”
“O Lord, I cannot plead my love of Thee”
“Faith and Hope are wings to Love”
A Sorrowful Sigh of a Prisoner
“I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow”
“Passing away the bliss”
“Love builds a nest on earth and waits for rest”
“Jesus alone: – if thus it were to me”
The Way of the World
Books in the Running Brooks
Gone Before
Privately Printed Poems
The Dead City
The Water Spirit’s Song
The Song of the Star
Summer (“Hark to the song of greeting! the tall trees!”)
To my Mother on her Birthday
The Ruined Cross
Love ephemeral
Burial Anthem
Tasso and Leonora
On the Death of a Cat
Mother and Child
Fair Margaret
Earth and Heaven
Love attacked
Love defended
Divine and Human Pleading
To My Friend Elizabeth
Amore e Dovere
Amore e Dispetto
Love and Hope
The Rose (“Gentle, gentle river”)
Present and Future
Will These Hands Ne’er Be Clean?
Sir Eustace Grey
The Time of Waiting
The Dead Bride
Life Out of Death
The solitary Rose
Lady Isabella (“Lady Isabella”)
The Dream
The Dying Man to his Betrothed
The Martyr
The End of Time
Resurrection Eve
Zara (“Now the pain beginneth and the word is spoken”)
“Purpurea rosa”
“Soul rudderless, unbraced”
“Animuccia, vagantuccia, morbiduccia”
Unpublished Poems
Corydon’s Lament and Resolution
Pitia a Damone
The Faithless Shepherdess
Ariadne to Theseus
On Albina
A Hymn for Christmas Day
Love and Death
Forget Me Not
Easter Morning
A Tirsi
The Last Words of St. Telemachus
Lord Thomas and fair Margaret
Lines to my Grandfather
Charade (“My first may be the firstborn”)
Hope in Grief
Lisetta all’Amante
Song (“I saw her; she was lovely”)
Praise of Love
“I have fought a good fight”
The Novice
Lady Isabella (“Heart warm as Summer, fresh as Spring”)
Night and Death
“Young men aye were fickle found/ Since summer trees were leafy”
The Lotus-Eaters:/Ulysses to Penelope
Sonnet/from the Psalms
Song (“The stream moaneth as it floweth”)
A Counsel
The World’s Harmonies
Lines/given with a Penwiper
The last Answer
One of the Dead
“The whole head is sick, and the whole heart faint”
“I do set My bow in the cloud”
“O Death where is thy Sting?”
Lady Montrevor
Floral Teaching
“Death is swallowed up in Victory”
A Hopeless Case/(Nydia)
Ellen Middleton
St. Andrew’s Church
Grown Cold/Sonnet
Zara (“The pale sad face of her I wronged”)
“I sit among green shady valleys oft”
“Listen, and I will tell you of a face”
“Wouldst thou give me a heavy jewelled crown”
“I said, within myself: I am a fool”
“Methinks the ills of life I fain would shun”
“Strange voices sing among the planets which”
“Sleep, sleep happy one”
What Sappho would have said had her leap cured instead of killing her
On Keats
Have Patience
To Lalla, reading my verses topsy-turvy
Sonnet (“Some say that love and joy are one: and so”)
The last Complaint
Have you forgotten?
A Christmas Carol,/(on the stroke of Midnight)
For Advent
Two Pursuits
Looking forward
Life hidden
Queen Rose
How one chose
Seeking rest
A Year Afterwards
Two thoughts of DeathThree Moments
Three Nuns
Song (“We buried her among the flowers”)
The Watchers
Annie (“Annie is fairer than her kith”)
A Dirge (“She was sweet as violets in the Spring”)
Song (“It is not for her even brow”)
A Dream
“A fair World tho’ a fallen”
Advent (“‘Come,’ Thou dost say to Angels”)
All Saints (“They have brought good and spices to my King”)
“Eye hath not seen”
St. Elizabeth of Hungary
“The Summer is ended”
“I look for the Lord”
Song (“I have loved you for long long years Ellen”)
A Discovery
From the Antique (“The wind shall lull us yet”)”The heart knoweth its own bitterness” (“Weep yet a while”)
“To what purpose is this waste?”)
Next of Kin
“Let them rejoice in their beds” (“The winds sing to us where we lie”)
Whitsun Eve (“The white dove cooeth in her downy nest”)
A Pause
Holy Innocents (“Sleep, little Baby, sleep”)
“There remaineth therefore a rest for the people of God” (“Come blessed sleep, most full, most perfect, come”)
Annie (“It’s not for earthly bread, Annie”)
Seasons (“In spring time when the leaves are young”)
“Thou sleepest where the lilies fade”
“I wish I were a little bird”
(Two parted)
“All night I dream you love me well”
(For Rosaline’s Album)
“Care flieth”
The P.R.B.
Seasons (“Crocuses and snowdrops wither”)
“Who have a form of godliness”
A Study. (A Soul)
“There remaineth therefore a rest”
“Ye have forgotten the exhortation”
From the Antique (“It’s a weary life, it is; she said”)
Three Stages
Long looked for
Zara (“I dreamed that loving me he would love on”)
The last look
“I have a message unto thee”
An Afterthought
To the end
“Zion said”
May (“Sweet Life is dead”)
River Thames (?)
A chilly night
“Let patience have her perfect work” (“I saw a bird alone”)
A Martyr (“It is over the horrible pain”)
In the Lane
A bed of Forget-me-nots
The Chiefest among ten thousand (“When sick of life and all the world”)
“Look on this picture and on this”
“Now they desire”
A Christmas Carol,/for my Godchildren
“Not yours but you”
An Answer
Sir Winter
In an Artist’s Studio
“The heart knoweth its own bitterness” (“When all the over-work of life”)
A Coast-Nightmare
“For one Sake”
My old Friends
“Yet a little while” (“These days are long before I die”)
“Only believe”
“Rivals”/A Shadow of Saint Dorothea
A Yawn
For H.P.
“Then they that feared the Lord spake often one to another”
“What good shall my life do me?” (“No hope in life; yet is there hope”)
The Massacre of Perugia
“I have done with hope”
Promises like Piecrust
By the waters of Babylon
Better so
Our widowed Queen
In progress
“Out of the deep”
For a Mercy received
Summer (“Come, cuckoo, come”)
A Dumb Friend
In Patience
“None with Him”
Under Willows
A Sketch
If I had Words
What to do?
Young Death
In a certain place
“Cannot sweeten”
Of my life
“Yes, I too could face death and never shrink”
“Would that I were a turnip white”
“I fancy the good fairies dressed in white”
“Some ladies dress in muslin full and white”
Autumn (“Fade tender lily”)


1. Amor dormente?
2. Amor Si sveglia?
3. Si rimanda la tocca-caldaja
4. “Blumine” risponde
5. “Lassu fia caro il rivederci”
6. Non son io la rosa ma vi stetti appresso”
7. “Lassuso il caro Fiore”
8. Sapessi pure!
9. Iddio c’illumini!
10. Amicizia:/”Sirocchia son d’Amor”
11. “Luscious and sorrowful”
12. “Oh forza irresistibile / Dell’umile preghiera”
13. Finestra mia orientale
14. (Eppure allora venivi)
15. Per Prefernza
16. Oggi
17. (Se fossi andata a Hastings)
18. Ripetizione
19. “Amico e più che amico mio”
20. “Nostre voluntà quieti Virtù di carità”
21. (Se cosi fosse)


“Remember, if I claim too much of you”
“Will you be there? my yearning heart has cried”
“In resurrection is it awfuller”
“I love you and you know it–this at least”


“Fairer than younger beauties, more beloved”
A Valentine, 1877
St. Valentine’s Day / 1881
A Valentine / 1882
February 14. 1883
1885/ St. Valentine’s Day
1886/ St. Valentine’s Day
“Ah welladay and wherefore am I here?”
“Along the highroad the way is too long”
“And is this August weather? nay not so”
“From early dawn until the flush of noon”
“I seek among the living and I seek”
“O glorious sea that in each climbing wave”
“Oh thou who tell’st me that all hope is over”
“Surely there is an aching void within”
“The spring is come again not as at first”
“Who shall my wandering thoughts steady and fix”
“You who look on passed ages as a glass”
“Angeli al capo, al piede”
“Amami, t’amo”
“E babbo e mamma ha il nostro figliolino”
“S’addormento la nostra figliolina”
“Cuccurucù! cuccurucù!”
“Oibo, piccina”
“Otto ore suonano”
“Nel verno accanto al fuoco”
“Gran freddo è infuori, e dentro è freddo un poco”
“Scavai la neve, – si che scavai!”
“Sì che il fratello s’ha un falconcello”
“Udite, si dolgono mesti fringuelli”
“Ahi culla vuota! ed ahi sepolcro pieno”
“Lugubre e vagabondo in terra e in mare”
“Aura dolcissima, ma donde siete?”
“Foss’io regina”
“Pesano rena e pena”
“Basta una notte a maturare il fungo”
“Porco la zucca”
“Salta, ranocchio, e mostrati”
“Spunta la margherita”
“Agnellina orfanellina”
“Amico pesce, piover vorrà”
“Sposa velata”
“Cavalli marittimi”
“O marinaro che mi apporti tu?”
“Arrossisce la rosa: e perchè mai?”
“La rosa china il volto rosseggiato”
“O cilegia infiorita”
“In tema e in pena addio”
“D’un sonno profondissino”
“Ninna nanna, ninna nanna!”
“Capo che chinasi”
The Succession of Kings
A true Story. (continued.)
“The two Rossettis (brothers they”)
Imitated from the Arpa Evangelica: Page 121
“Mr. and Mrs. Scott, and I”
“Gone to his rest”
“O Uommibatto”
“Cor mio, cor mio”
“I said ‘All’s over’ – & I made my”
“I said good bye in hope”
My Mouse
“Had Fortune parted us”
Counterblast on Penny Trumpet
“A roundel seems to fit a round of days”
“Heaven overarches earth and sea”
“Sleeping at last, the trouble and tumult over”
4th May morning
“‘Quanto a Lei grata io sono'”
The Chinaman
“‘Come cheer up, my lads, ’tis to glory we steer!'”
The Plague
“How many authors are my first!”
“Me you often meet”
“So I began my walk of life; no stop”
“So I grew half delirious and quite sick”
“On the note you do not send me”
From Metastasio
Chiesa e Signore
Golden Holly
“I toiled on, but thou”
Cor Mio (“Still sometimes in my secret heart of hearts”)
“My old admiration before I was twenty”
To Mary Rossetti
“Ne’ sogni ti veggo”
To my For-di-Lisa
“Hail, noble face of noble friend!”
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