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Meeting the Shadow by Connie Zweig and Jeremiah Abrams
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Meeting the Shadow

Best Seller
Meeting the Shadow by Connie Zweig and Jeremiah Abrams
Paperback $21.00
Apr 01, 1991 | ISBN 9780874776188

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  • Apr 01, 1991 | ISBN 9780874776188

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  • Jul 07, 2020 | ISBN 9780593329986

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Table Of Contents

Meeting The ShadowConnie Zweig

Jeremiah Abrams and Connie Zweig
Introduction: The Shadow Side of Everyday Life

Part One. What Is the Shadow?

1. Robert Bly
The Long Bag We Drag Behind Us
2. Edward C. Whitmont
The Evolution of the Shadow
3. D. Patrick Miller
What the Shadow Knows: An Interview with John A. Sanford
4. Anthony Stevens
The Shadow in History and Literature
5. John A. Sanford
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
6. Marie-Louise von Franz
The Realization of the Shadow in Dreams
7. William A. Miller
Finding the Shadow in Daily Life

Part 2. Shadow-Making: Forming the Disowned Self in the Family

8. Harville Hendrix
Creating the False Self
9. Robert M. Stein
Rejection and Betrayal

10. Kim Chernin
The Underside of the Mother-Daughter Relationship
11. John A. Sanford
Parenting and Your Child’s Shadow

Part 3. Shadow-Boxing: The Dance of Envy, Anger, and Deceit

12. Christine Downing
Sisters and Brothers Casting Shadows
13. Daryl Sharp
My Brother/Myself
14. Maggie Scarf
Meeting Our Opposites in Husbands and Wives
15. Michael Ventura
Shadow Dancing in the Marriage Zone

Part 4. The Disowned Body: Illness, Health, and Sexuality

16. John P. Conger
The Body as Shadow
17. John C. Pierrakos
Anatomy of Evil
18. Larry Dossey
The Light of Health, The Shadow of Illness
19. Alfred J. Ziegler
Illness as Descent into the Body
20. Adolf Guggenbühl-Craig
The Demonic Side of Sexuality

Part 5. The Shadow of Achievement: The Dark Side of Work and Progress

21. Bruce Shackleton
Meeting the Shadow at Work
22. John R. O’Neill
The Dark Side of Success
23. Adolf Guggenbühl-Craig
Quacks, Charlatans, and False Prophets
24. Marsha Sinetar
Using Our Flaws and Faults
25. Chellis Glendinning
When Technology Wounds
26. Peter Bishop
Wilderness as a Victim of Progress

Part 6. Meeting Darkness on the Path: The Hidden Sides of Religion and Spirituality

27. Brother David Steindl-Rast
The Shadow in Christianity
28. William Carl Eichman
Meeting the Dark Side in Spiritual Practice
29. Katy Butler
Encountering the Shadow in Buddhist America
30. Georg Feuerstein
The Shadow of the Enlightened Guru
31. W. Brugh Joy
A Heretic in a New Age Community
32. Liz Greene
The Shadow in Astrology
33. Sallie Nichols
The Devil in the Tarot
34. John Babbs
New Age Fundamentalism

Part 7. Devils, Demons, and Scapegoats: A Psychology of Evil

35. C. G. Jung
The Problem of Evil Today
36. Rollo May
The Dangers of Innocence
37. M. Scott Peck
Healing Human Evil
38. Stephen A. Diamond
Redeeming Our Devils and Demons
39. Ernest Becker
The Basic Dynamic of Human Evil
40. Andrew Bard Schmookler
Acknowledging Our Inner Split

Part 8. Enemy-Making: Us and Them in the Body Politic

41. Sam Keen
The Enemy Maker
42. Fran Peavey (with Myrna Levy and Charles Varon)
Us and Them
43. Susan Griffin
The Chauvinist Mind
44. Audre Lorde
America’s Outsiders
45. Jerome S. Bernstein
The U.S.-Soviet Mirror
46. Robert Jay Lifton
Doubling and the Nazi Doctors
47. Adolf Guggenbühl-Craig
Why Psychopaths Do Not Rule the World
48. Jerry Fjerkenstad
Who Are the Criminals?
49. James Yandell
Devils on the Freeway

Part 9. Shadow-Work: Bringing Light to the Darkness Through Therapy, Story, and Dreams

50. James Hillman
The Cure of the Shadow
51. Sheldon B. Kopp
Tale of a Descent into Hell
52. Joseph Cambell
The Belly of the Whale
53. Gary Toub
The Usefulness of the Useless
54. Karen Signell
Working with Women’s Dreams
55. Janice Brewi and Anne Brennan
Emergence of the Shadow in Midlife
56. Daniel J. Levinson
For the Man at Midlife
57. Liliane Frey-Rohn
How to Deal with Evil

Part 10. Owning Your Dark Side Through Insight, Art, and Ritual

58. Ken Wilber
Taking Responsibility for Your Shadow
59. Robert Bly
Eating the Shadow
60. Nathaniel Branden
Taking Back the Disowned Self
61. Hal Stone and Sidra Winkelman
Dialogue with the Demonic Self
62. John Bradshaw
Taming the Shameful Inner Voice
63. Barbara Hannah
Learning Active Imagination
64. Linda Jacobson
Drawing the Shadow
65. Denna Metzger
Writing about the Other

Jeremiah Abrams

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