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BLAME!, 5 by Tsutomu Nihei


Best Seller
BLAME!, 5 by Tsutomu Nihei
Sep 12, 2017 | ISBN 9781942993810
  • Paperback $34.95

    Sep 12, 2017 | ISBN 9781942993810

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“If Nihei’s Blame! is indeed transhumanist, then it’s a nightmarish counterpoint to such inspiring visions of the future. Blame! presents the dark side of transhumanism, where human beings unencumbered by humanity readily use technology to remake themselves into walking monstrosities, gaining incredible abilities even as they doom themselves to extinction. In Blame!’s world, the Singularity arrived a long time ago, but rather than usher in a new golden age, it’s left nothing but decimation in its wake.
But Blame!, to its credit, doesn’t get bogged down in manifestos or heady philosophizing. It is, first and foremost, an action/adventure story. And one told with skill, intensity, and an incredible eye for engrossing, intricate detail — albeit detail that leaves one unsettled and fascinated in equal measure.” — Opus Zine

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