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Unreliable Reader’s Guide

By Lee Irby

Unreliable by Lee Irby


Questions and Topics for Discussion

1. How did the unreliable narration affect your reading of the book? How did it contribute to the book as a whole?

2. We know that Edwin can be a liar, but there are also points in the book when he is extremely honest (especially when sharing the dirty details of his personal life). How did you balance these two traits as you were reading? Did you find yourself believing him when you shouldn’t?

3. Which character did you relate to the most? Which character did you relate to the least?

4. Unreliable narrators are a common trope in fiction. How did this narrator compare to other unreliable narrators you’ve read?

5. What did the setting of Richmond, Virginia add to this story?

6. Edgar Allan Poe is referenced frequently throughout Unreliable. Why do you think Edwin is so drawn to Poe?

7. Discuss the relationships between Edwin and various women—Bev, Lola, and Leigh Rose. How did they differ from each other? How were they similar?

8. Were you surprised by the ending? As you were reading the novel, what did you predict would happen?

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