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Hood Feminism by Mikki Kendall

Hood Feminism

Best Seller
Hood Feminism by Mikki Kendall
Feb 25, 2020 | ISBN 9780525560548
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  • Hardcover $26.00

    Feb 25, 2020 | ISBN 9780525560548

  • Ebook $13.99

    Feb 25, 2020 | ISBN 9780525560555

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“This book is an act of fierce love and advocacy, and it is urgently necessary.” 
—Samantha Irby, author of Meaty and We Are Never Meeting in Real Life
“Mikki’s book is a rousing call to action for today’s feminists. It should be required reading for everyone.” 
—Gabrielle Union, author of We’re Going to Need More Wine

“My wish is that every white woman who calls herself a feminist (as I do) will read this book in a state of hushed and humble respect. Mikki Kendall is calling out white feminists here—and it’s long overdue that we drop our defenses, listen to her arguments carefully, and then change our entire way of thinking and behaving. As Kendall explains in eloquent and searing simplicity, any feminism that focuses on inequality between men and women without addressing the inequalities BETWEEN women is not only useless, but actually harmful. In the growing public conversation about race, class, status, privilege, and power, this text is essential reading.”
Elizabeth Gilbert

“Hood Feminism is a critical feminist text that interrogates the failings of the mainstream feminist movement and gives us the necessary expertise of Black women. Kendall skillfully illuminates the many intersections of identity and shows us the beauty and power of anger.” 
—Erika L. Sánchez, author of Lessons on Expulsion and I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter

“Kendall is a highly knowledgeable and inspiring guide, and she effectively builds on the work of black women who have, for ages, been working to better the lives of themselves and their communities. . . .  A much-needed addition to feminist discourse.” 
Kirkus Reviews

“In this forceful and eloquent series of essays, [Kendall] takes on the feminist myopia that ignores the daily existential struggles of women of color and encourages a broader support of society’s most vulnerable citizens. If such support is forthcoming and awareness expanded, then not only will those outside the feminist establishment be empowered, those within the current movement will also be enlightened as to their cause’s true universal potential.”

“A frank account of who and what is still missing from mainstream feminism that will appeal to readers of women’s and African American studies, and readers seeking a better grasp on history.”
—Library Journal

“An energizing critique of the feminist movement’s preference for white women.”

 “Mikki Kendall tells it like it is, and this is why she has long been a must-read writer for me: incisive, clear-eyed, and rightly willing to challenge readers when necessary. Her exploration of how feminists’ fight for liberation has too often left poor people, Black people, Indigenous people, and other people of color behind is critical reading for anyone who is or wants to be involved in work addressing complex and longstanding inequalities.” 
—Nicole Chung, author of All You Can Ever Know: A Memoir

“Mikki has been writing for years about protection, ‘problem children,’ the limits and the usefulness of different kinds of anger, and the way sisterhood can be wielded as a demand. She’s here for her community, and this book has everything to do with expanding access to it.” 
—Daniel Mallory Ortberg, author of The Merry Spinster and Texts from Jane Eyre

“Mikki Kendall has established herself as an important voice in current feminist discourse, and Hood Feminism cements that place. With a compelling, forceful piece, Kendall has written the missive that feminists—especially white feminists—need to remember the racist history of who we are as a movement and to move forward with an intersectional and deliberately anti-racist focus.” 
—Dianna Anderson, author of Problematic

“Every white lady should have this book assigned to them before they can talk about feminism in the same way that every human should have to work in the service industry for a year before they can talk about the economy. Ain’t nothing but truth in these words.” 
—Linda Tirado, author of Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America

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