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Outsmarting Autism, Updated and Expanded by Patricia S. Lemer
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Outsmarting Autism, Updated and Expanded

Best Seller
Outsmarting Autism, Updated and Expanded by Patricia S. Lemer
Paperback $29.95
Mar 19, 2019 | ISBN 9781623173203

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  • Mar 19, 2019 | ISBN 9781623173203

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“This updated second edition of educational diagnostician Lemer’s work attempts a broad overview of current findings and treatments, not hesitating to cover hot-button topics such as vaccines and hyperbaric oxygen, stem cell, and chelation therapies. Extensively researched, with citations and further reading in every chapter and a compendious index, this comprehensive resource is designed as an easy-to-use reference. New to this edition is a discussion of the “microbiome” and recent investigations involving digestive and dental connections to overall physical health, the neurodiversity movement, and more.
VERDICT This all-in-one guide should be on every pediatrician’s, teacher’s, and service provider’s radar, and on the shelf of essential resources for parents of children with autism.”
Library Journal (starred review)

“One reason the updated version of Outsmarting Autism is so powerful is that it is totally infused by the Total Load Model: a pile-on of countless thousands of stressors chipping away at how our bodies, brains, and minds work. I use Lemer’s model every day in treating my patients. This is a book to keep close by so that you can consult it often.”
—Martha Herbert, MD, author of The Autism Revolution

“The most complete and updated guide to autism. If you read only one book, this should be it.”
—Peter Sullivan, founder of Clear Light Ventures

“Extremely well written in Patricia Lemer’s down-to-earth, no-nonsense style, Outsmarting Autism is encyclopedic in its scope—clear, free of professional jargon, and accessible to all without being the least bit dumbed down.”
—Mary Rentschler, MEd, MNRI (Masgutova Method) core specialist and instructor

“Outsmarting Autism is a much-needed practical and comprehensive guide that every parent and clinician who treats patients with autism should read. Lemer outlines extremely complicated issues and puts them into bite-size explanations that can be easily understood. She provides an array of possible options that may not have been considered by mainstream approaches. This book is a must-have in your tool box!”
—Anju Usman, MD
“Patricia Lemer has been a pioneer in finding ways to outsmart autism behaviors. She delivers a great variety of approaches to the reversal of autism with integrative therapies in proper sequencing. Parents and practitioners will learn volumes from how the environmental concerns need to be handled to reduce their influence on our kids.”
—David Dornfeld, DO, Family Wellness Center, Middletown New Jersey
“I cannot say enough great things about this book. As a therapist and ASD parent it has been the ultimate resource for recovering my child from ASD in the quickest, most effective way. Buy it, read it, use it as your guidebook for healing autism in a way that maximizes your sanity, your spending, and your child’s neurological functioning. It has truly been a lifesaver for my child and my family.”
—Amber Cleveland Lewter, LPC therapist and coach, Relationship Solutions
“Outsmarting Autism is the one book in my house that has never been, nor will ever be shelved, because I reference it often. It is a valuable resource, as well as a thoughtful presentation by Lemer, who carefully prioritizes modalities for you to amplify healing and hope. From the important brain-gut connection, to integrating reflexes, to vision therapy and more (cannabis, stem cells, etc.), Lemer guides you step by step, helping you to build critical healing foundations. This book is essential for those who want to know which interventions are relevant and vital at different ages and times.”
—Filomena LaForgia, a parent
“We at Epidemic Answers call Outsmarting Autism the bible of autism recovery. This book is the soup-to-nuts guide to everything you need to know about recovering your child from autism. Stress is the crux of Lemer’s Total Load Theory, and it comes under six major categories: biological, environmental, behavioral, educational, physical, and emotional. Removing these individual stressors allows a child’s body to heal from autism. I highly recommend it.”
—Maria Rickert Hong, certified holistic health counselor, AADP, author of Almost Autism
“Lemer has given the greatest gift to parents with children on the autism spectrum with her newly revised, updated, and expanded version of Outsmarting Autism. Find out how phytocannabinoids (cannabis) and the endocannabinoid system are dramatically changing the fight-or-flight sympathetic dominant nervous system of ASD children. Get the latest on the importance of good bacteria in the gut and how this affects the brain. The updates also take dentistry to a whole new level by focusing on the child’s whole-body functioning, not just the teeth. Find out what is out there and how you can help your young adult be successful and maximize their utmost potential.”
—Teresa Badillo, board member of Epidemic Answers and researcher for The Autism Exchange
“Continuing an excellent track record of providing unparalleled and timely resources, Lemer has assembled a wealth of up-to-date information about autism in one centralized source. Merging cutting-edge approaches with a keen eye for what works, Outsmarting Autism is a book that you will find yourself reaching for frequently.”
—Leonard Press, OD, developmental optometrist
“Lemer has a gift for making complex information readable and understandable. As a full-time university professor in the special education field, I rate Lemer’s book Outsmarting Autism five stars without reservation.” 
—Andrew McCabe, PsyD, professor of special education, New Jersey City University
“Patricia Lemer knows autism and what to do about it. She believes and has witnessed how autism can be reversed. Uniquely, she understands the profound role of vision and vision development on a child’s behavior and success, and how visual considerations are often masked or overlooked. She is an authentic soldier in this epidemic scourge of autism, and, at her core, she is a great advocate for kids’ health.”
—Hans F. Lessmann, OD, developmental optometrist
“Patty Lemer’s book is an encyclopedia on autism, covering a comprehensive array of interventions, describing the functional medicine approach with an emphasis on the interconnectedness of different body systems and how to bring them back to balance. Her book is a must-read for all mental health professionals, behavior therapists, and anyone working with ASD children and their families.”
—Marina Livis, MSW, INHC, child and family therapist and health coach
“Outsmarting Autism offers parents, professionals, and individuals with ASD an informative and intriguing compilation of well-researched content and practical strategies to help understand, manage, and respond to the effects of ASD. Topics addressed include stem cell treatment, cannabis, autism and the gut, and the transition to adulthood.”
—Heidi Hess Buckley, director, Autism Caring Center
“Patty Lemer is a treasure to the autism community. She has dedicated her life to supporting families of children with special needs. Outsmarting Autism is the exclamation point of her service to this community. Patty does a superb job referencing information and provides easy-to-understand discussion on advanced topics.”
 —John Leon, founder of The Autism Exchange
“Lemer continues her long tradition of providing relevant and up-to-date information as well as making sense of rather complicated issues. Much is known about helping individuals on the autism spectrum, and this book is an excellent resource for those on the spectrum, family members, and professionals.”
—Stephen M. Edelson, PhD, director, Autism Research Institute
“Patricia Lemer’s Outsmarting Autism brings a deep understanding of the myriad ins and outs of autism in a matter-of-fact presentation that is both hopeful and fair-minded. Highly recommended for parents, practitioners, and caregivers.” 
—Christie Dames, CEO, TechTalk / Studio, advocate and voice for autism families and parental rights
“This book is the product of a lifetime of knowledge and dot-connecting. It provides a practical guide for parents and clinicians alike: an eagle’s-eye view of all things autism through the years with a focus on what is currently known and what can be done to improve the lives of those with the condition. This is a must-read for anyone impacted by autism, which, based on the statistics, is at least one child in every classroom in America.”
—Kristi Wees, MS, chief advocacy officer, Empowered Medical Advocacy

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