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The Essential Oils Diet by Eric Zielinski, DC and Sabrina Ann Zielinski
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The Essential Oils Diet

Best Seller
The Essential Oils Diet by Eric Zielinski, DC and Sabrina Ann Zielinski
Paperback $16.99
Jun 16, 2020 | ISBN 9781984824035

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  • $16.99

    Jun 16, 2020 | ISBN 9781984824035

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    415 Minutes

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“The Essential Oils diet is like a new best-friend. Dr. Eric and Sabrina have lovingly distilled hundreds of medical studies, and a lifetime of real-world experience, to bring you credible and practical guidance you can trust. This is a reading must for everyone who wants health and safety for themselves and their family.” 
— Ocean Robbins, Co-founder, Food Revolution Network, Author, 31-Day Food Revolution

For the first time ever, we truly understand how essential oils can be an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. It’s all there in The Essential Oils Diet. Dr. Z & Mama Z have outdone themselves with this masterpiece that will prove to be a trusty resource for years to come. 
— Amy Myers MDNew York Times bestselling author of The Thyroid Connection and The Autoimmune Solution 

In The Essential Oils Diet, Dr, Eric and Sabrina Ann Zielinski pair their passion for natural living with their industry-leading knowledge of essential oils, making it simple for anyone to better incorporate essential oils into a healthy lifestyle. You’ll be amazed by the breadth of the research supporting today’s use of essential oils, and you’ll be rushing to try the Zielinski family’s favourite recipes to support good health.
— B.J. Hardick, D.C. Author of Align Your Health

The Essential Oils Diet is a thorough, integrated, food and lifestyle reference guide that provides everything you need to get your health back on track. It is one of the few books that can take many modalities and weave them together, aligning the scientific studies with practical application. Beautifully written, organized, synthesized through both Dr. Z and Mama Z, and, most importantly, infused with love and spirituality!”
 Deanna Minich, PhD, researcher, clinician, and author of Whole Detox

The Essential Oils Diet
is much more than a diet book. It’s a comprehensive guide to creating an abundant life using essential oils as a cornerstone for optimal health. The Zielinkis explore important topics such as environmental toxicity, habit change, weight loss, and the power of essential oils. There are no gimmicks in this book. It’s a practical guide to make real change using real food, healthy lifestyle, and the incredible benefits of essential oils with helpful strategies. This book will surely become the quintessential book on how to create the health and life that you want using a sensible diet, clean living, and the blessing of essential oils.
— Dr. Brian Mowll, The Diabetes Coach

The Essential Oils Diet is what the health world has needed for years: an evidence-based, guilt-free approach to eating nutritious foods and living a life free of toxins to help promote healing from the inside out!
— Dr. Chris Zaino, Mr. America 1988, Founder of the I Am Hero Project 

I just finished a wonderful book,  The Essential Oils Diet.  Absolutely wonderful! This book reads like a conversation from a friend. And if you are new to essential oils, fear not, this book is very easy for anyone to understand. My wife Lillian loved the recipes, especially all of the dairy-free options. The Essential Oils Diet is a true, “life hack,” that will help you custom design your diet for optimum health and wellbeing. We highly recommend it! 
— Michael Tyrrell, Creator of Wholetones

The Essential Oils Diet by Dr. Eric Zielinski and Sabrina Ann “Mama Z” Zielinski covers just about everything you need to know about essential oils and how to use them; yet, this book is also a comprehensive guide to healthy living. In these pages, you will learn to become creative and proficient, in the kitchen, at the gym, farmer’s markets, food stores, work place, school environment, and more, with the wide-range of tools we have available today. With a step by step approach, and a wide selection of topics and scenarios ranging from daily meal plans to what to look for in a protein bar, to creating a toxin-free home, to developing an abundance mindset, to how to pour a restful essential oil detox bath and much more, the Zielinski’s give you an in-depth look at practical and profound methods and suggestions for living and achieving your best life ever!” 
 — David “Avocado” Wolfe, Author, Nutritionist, Organic Farmer

“Dr Eric Zielinski is by far and away the world’s number one leading voice when it comes to essential oils, nutrition and health. And, with his wife Sabrina, they have created so much more than a typical diet book. The Essential Oils Diet gives you the roadmap to honest weight management that’s thoughtful, easy to read, and refreshingly reliable. Dr. Z & Mama Z blend important nutritional insights with timeless wisdom, personal transformation, and a truly masterful understanding of essential oils. You won’t find this anywhere else. In a time when we’re inundated with so many vastly different approaches to weight, this book clears up the confusion and gives us welcome clarity, and an easy-to-practice plan. There’s a wealth of fascinating and important information in this book that anyone who diets will benefit from. I couldn’t recommend Dr. Z ‘s & Mama Z’s work more highly.”
 Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, and author of the Slow Down Diet and Nourishing Wisdom

“Dr. Z and Mama Z are a dynamic duo in understanding and communicating the myriad of health benefits of essential oils and how to incorporate them in our daily lives to assist in our health goals. In this must read book, they bring together their unique scientifically and biblically-based research, clinical experience, and revelation to bring clarity and simplicity to the often mysterious and confusing topic of essential oils. This is one of those timeless books that occupies a permanent place in my library.”
— KC Craichy, Author of The Super Health Diet and Founder of Living Fuel

I love how Dr. Z & Mama Z make natural living so simple and practical for everyone. They’ve been my favorite essential oil gurus for years and now, in the Essential Oils Diet, they go deep into the research behind a missing link to most people’s food choice: bioactive compounds.  They also cleverly debunk fad diets like the ketogenic diet and help us understand why eating a primary plant-based approach is the best way to sustain a high vibe and robust health.
 — Robyn Openshaw, National Bestselling Author of Vibe

Every home needs this book! Cleverly written to inspire the reader to take care of themselves, ‘The Essential Oils Diet’ is the new number one guide for losing weight and honouring one’s health. Written by world renowned Dr. Eric Zielinski and his stunning wife Sabrina, this dynamic duo have not only explained the healing powers of essential oils and the potency of bioactive foods but how these combine to transform the state of health within the family unit exponentially. Their years of hands on experience, evidence based science and common sense have made this the new ultimate go-to for all of us passionate about wellness and on a journey to optimal health. It is simple, inspirational, motivational and most of all it is written to be achievable. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. 
— Kim Morrison, Aromatherapist, Author of The Art of Self Love, and Founder of Twenty8

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