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Imagined Life by James Trefil and Michael Summers
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Imagined Life

Best Seller
Imagined Life by James Trefil and Michael Summers
Hardcover $29.95
Sep 17, 2019 | ISBN 9781588346643

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  • $29.95

    Sep 17, 2019 | ISBN 9781588346643

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  • Sep 17, 2019 | ISBN 9781588346735

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Starred Review. “Posing a far-reaching question—what will alien life look like when humankind finds it?—the coauthors of Exoplanets explore possible answers in this lively, imaginative, and accessible look at cutting-edge exobiology. This is a marvelous introduction to a field fueled by both imagination and science.” 

As galactic tour guides, the authors demonstrate an infectious, playful curiosity alongside their technical prowess, maintaining a light touch with some heavy science. Will appeal to sf newcomers and budding space nerds.”

“This relatively easy read is an appealing addition to the growing body of recent works addressing the possibility of extraterrestrial life. VERDICT Both popular science and sf readers will enjoy this extrapolative natural history.”

“The prose is straightforward, and the authors make the potentialities of exoplanet life intriguingly real. […] A curiosity-whetting investigation of imagined life beyond our world.”

“In Imagined Life, physicist James Trefil and planetary scientist Michael Summers set out on a safari through the cosmos, conjuring up the menagerie that might inhabit some of the thousands of exoplanets discovered thus far. Many of the book’s chapters explore potential life on various types of worlds, each vastly unlike Earth. Though fanciful and fun, the pair’s efforts are grounded in science. […] Imagined Life is an amazingly fun read. While musing about how life — and even technological civilizations — might evolve and thrive on other worlds, Trefil and Summers slip in tons of info about how life on Earth came to be.”

Imagined Life, a speculative romp by two scientists that examines what life might be like on worlds very different from Earth. Trefil and Summers, a physicist and planetary scientist, respectively, at George Mason University, spend the first few chapters providing an overview of the science of life beyond Earth, from astronomy to biology. The fun really begins, though, when they examine a range of hypothetical worlds and their ability to support life.” 

Emily Lakdawalla

“At the outset, Trefil and Summers’ book is an excellent introduction to the basic ideas of the study of astrobiology, explaining what experiments have shown us so far, what scientists are searching for, and the underlying physics and chemistry. The language is very accessible, always emphasizing the questions scientists are asking, how we’ve discovered answers, and how much we still don’t know.” 

“It’s an interesting speculative roam that stays within the realm of what’s known about the formation of life and enlarges carefully beyond the bounds of current knowledge. It’s an excellent primer for both reader and writer to test the plausibility of many fictional worlds and their inhabitants.” 

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