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An Impossible Impostor Reader’s Guide

By Deanna Raybourn

An Impossible Impostor by Deanna Raybourn


Reader’s Guide
An Impossible Impostor by Deanna Raybourn
Discussion Questions:

1. Veronica embarks upon this adventure because Sir Hugo Montgomerie makes a request of her. Do you think it was reasonable of him to ask? Was it right for Veronica to agree?

2.   Lady Hathaway is convinced the man who appears at Hathaway Hall is her long-lost grandson. What does this say about how she has coped with her loss?

3.   Harry Spenlove is a significant person from Veronica’s past. How would you characterize their relationship? What does he have in common with Stoker?

4.   Veronica finds it difficult to share some aspects of her past with Stoker. Why? And is she wrong to hold some things back?

5.   Harry Spenlove used a natural disaster—the eruption of Krakatoa—to walk away from his old life and begin again. Would you do the same in his circumstances?

6.   There are a number of very strong, capable women in this book—Veronica, Euphemia Hathaway, Isabel de Armas MacGregor, the Maharani, Anjali. What makes them stand out? What outlets do they find for their talents? And how are they limited by the expectations of the times?

7.   Stoker asks for time to consider the ramifications of this adventure upon their relationship. Was he right to do so?

8.   There are two possibilities open to Veronica at the end of the book. Which one will she choose? Which one would you choose?

9.   Which of the characters introduced in this book do you hope to see again in future adventures? What do you think lies ahead for Veronica and Stoker?
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