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Harlem Sunset Reader’s Guide

By Nekesa Afia

Harlem Sunset by Nekesa Afia


Reader’s Guide
Harlem Sunset by Nekesa Afia
Discussion Questions:

1.      At the start of Harlem Sunset, Louise Lloyd has made a new life for herself. How has Detective Gilbert’s legacy affected Louise? How has it affected Detective Martin?

2.      Have the events Louise, Rosa Maria, and Rafael experienced together changed their friendship and the course of their lives? If so, how?

3.      Louise’s family has a strong presence in Harlem Sunset. How would you describe Louise’s relationships with sisters Minna and Josie? How have Louise, Minna, and Josie handled the loss of Celia? Do you think Louise is satisfied with how their relationships evolve throughout the course of the novel?

4.      Louise and her father, Joseph, don’t see eye to eye. How has this shaped Louise’s life and how she sees the world?

5.      Joseph reveals something significant to Louise about her mother. How does this revelation challenge Louise’s perceptions of herself and her family? Do you think Joseph was justified in keeping this information from her? Why or why not?

6.      Is Louise too trusting? Does her tendency to trust people change throughout the course of the novel?

7.      Louise and Rosa Maria encounter several challenges to their relationship. How do they cope with these challenges individually and as a couple?

8.      Louise and Rosa Maria’s relationship has changed a great deal by the end of the novel. How do you feel they each contributed to these changes?

9.      Schoonmaker is an intriguing and mysterious character. Why do you think he offered to host Louise and Josie? What do Louise and Rafael see in Schoonmaker?

10.   Louise’s past as a kidnapping victim has affected every facet of her life. How does she come to terms with that past in Harlem Sunset? Do you think she will ever be at peace with what she experienced?
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