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Arguing with Zombies by Paul Krugman

Arguing with Zombies

Best Seller
Arguing with Zombies by Paul Krugman
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Jan 28, 2020 | 736 Minutes

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In an era when facts are too often disdained and discarded, Paul Krugman wields them like a rapier. A brilliant scholar and polemicist, Krugman’s incisive columns are a beacon for anyone who cares about public policy and progressive change.—David Axelrod

Years after appearing in the daily newspaper, Paul Krugman’s columns resonate because he avoids the herd mentality of most journalism. Applying history, math, and humanity, he transforms our understanding of great issues and when writing on economics translates the dismal science into plain English.—David Cay Johnston, recipient of the Pulitzer Prize, an IRE Medal, and the George Polk Award

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