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Four Aunties and a Wedding Reader’s Guide

By Jesse Q. Sutanto

Four Aunties and a Wedding by Jesse Q. Sutanto


Reader’s Guide
Four Aunties and a Wedding by Jesse Q. Sutanto
Discussion Questions:

1.      Four Aunties and a Wedding deals with different Asian diaspora experiences. Have you or anyone you know dealt with different expectations of diaspora identities? How has this shaped the experience, especially when people with completely different experiences meet?

2.      Staphanie and her family are willing to commit crimes to bring Ah Guan’s supposed killers to justice. Can you relate to the level of loyalty shown by Staphanie’s family?

3.      Meddy’s mother and aunties are so excited about going to England that they went to the trouble of learning how to speak British English. Have you ever had to learn how to speak a language with an accent different from the one you grew up with?

4.      Although Meddy and her family spent the day lying to Nathan, he’s still very understanding and supportive of them. Were you surprised by how quickly he forgave Meddy and how willing he was to help resolve the matter of the multiple kidnappings?

5.      If you were ever blackmailed in a similar way that Meddy and her family were, what would you do? Would you risk going to the authorities, or try to handle it yourself?

6.      Do you think that Meddy and Staphanie can ever overcome the terrible circumstances that led to them meeting? Can they ever become friends?
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