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The Road Trip Reader’s Guide

By Beth O’Leary

The Road Trip by Beth O'Leary


Reader’s Guide:
The Road Trip by Beth O’Leary

Discussion Questions

1.   The Road Trip throws five very different people into one tiny car. Who do you think would be the most awkward people to take a road trip with? And on the flip side, who would be your ideal passengers?

2.   Lots of the characters in The Road Trip are in the process of forgiving others—and themselves. Who needs forgiveness in the novel? Who finds it hardest to forgive? And if you were in Dylan, Addie or Marcus’s shoes, would you feel able to forgive yourself?

3.   What problems did you identify in Dylan and Addie’s relationship before they broke up? Do you think they could have stayed together if Dylan had listened to Addie’s side of the story that night, or do you think it was inevitable that they would split up at some point?

4.   Deb and Addie are always there for one another. Deb says, “Isn’t that how this sister thing works?” What do you think—is that how being sisters works? What does sisterhood mean to you?

5.   The novel is split into Then and Now. How does each of the central characters change between the past narrative and the present one? And do you think people really can grow and adapt if they work on themselves, or do you believe a leopard never changes its spots?

6.   Getting back together with an ex brings all sorts of challenges. Do you think Addie and Dylan will be able to put their past completely behind them now that they’re reunited? Do you think they should? What are the challenges they will face as they move forward?

7.   The Road Trip is a second-chance romance. What is your favorite romantic trope? Enemies-to-lovers, perhaps, or a fake relationship, or a love triangle?

8.   Dylan has a very difficult relationship with his parents, particularly his father. How do you think this has affected him? Do you think he will ever be able to build a more positive relationship with his mum and dad?

9.   There are some fairly eccentric characters in the novel, from overexuberant Cherry to Kevin the burly lorry driver. Who was your favorite character, and why?

10. Have you ever taken a road trip? Where did you go, and did anyone travel with you?

11.  Did you guess that Rodney was on his way to Cherry’s wedding to try to prevent it from happening? How did your opinion of him change throughout the novel, and how do you feel about him now?

12. Toward the end of The Road Trip, Cherry says, “Nobody’s irredeemable.” Do you agree?
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