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Flux by April Rinne
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Best Seller
Flux by April Rinne
Hardcover $26.95
Aug 24, 2021 | ISBN 9781523093595

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  • Aug 24, 2021 | ISBN 9781523093595

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Shortlisted for the 2021 Outstanding Works of Literature (OWL) Award in the Big Idea category.

“This book is a gift. In a world that changes ever faster, we need a path toward resilience and peace of mind. April Rinne’s words are arriving at just the right moment.”
—Seth Godin, author of The Practice

“Many people see change as a threat, but April Rinne has spent her career learning to recognize it as an opportunity. Her book is a reassuring, hands-on guide to treating unexpected events as challenges to embrace rather than obstacles to avoid.”
—Adam Grant, New York Times bestselling author of Think Again and Originals
“We know that more change—and more uncertainty, more surprises, and more unknowns—is on the horizon. Arguably, we’re still in the early stages of seismic shifts that will shape a “world in flux” for decades to come. It’s time to think beyond adaptability or resilience and reshape how we think about, talk about, and relate to change, period. Are you ready to flux?” 

Flux is a breath of fresh air. April has brilliantly balanced the personal and the professional, heart and head, to bring original insights to individuals and organizations about how to not just survive but thrive in change. She reveals uncanny and often unconventional wisdom about what it means to be grounded in your truth, to lead with equanimity, and to lean into the future with hope rather than fear. In a word: wow!”
—Kathy Calvin, former President and CEO, UN Foundation
“While you can’t always control what happens, you can control how you respond and how you contribute to the future you’d like to see. Getting better with unexpected changes requires a flux mindset.” 
Fast Company

“If you fear change, read this book. Flux will help you discover the power and beauty in the invisible, the imperfect, and the unknown.”
—Daniel H. Pink, author of When, Drive, and To Sell Is Human

“Futurist and author April Rinne advocates a mindset shift around how we think about skills and career building: Our individual journeys—much like our collective experience over the last 18+ months—are no longer linear, and embracing this transformation might just unlock new paths to success.” 

“Being outside our comfort zone can be, well, uncomfortable. But, in a world of flux where change is the only constant, workers who embrace a flux-forward mindset can actually grow into new roles that map better with the future.” 

“Impressively informative, thoughtful, and thought-provoking, Flux is an extraordinary, innovative, yet ‘real world’ practical and instructive guide that is especially and unreservedly recommended for community, corporate, college, and university library business, and leadership curriculum.”
Midwest Book Review

“The leaders who master a flux mindset—planning and adapting around the unknown to responsibly serve our organizations and communities—will shape the world in the coming decades. This book provides thought-provoking tools and tactics to exercise and strengthen our ability to take on uncertainty.”
—Mariah Levin, Head of the Forum of Young Global Leaders, World Economic Forum
Flux is both wisdom and a wake-up call for all ages. April’s style is that of a dear friend who celebrates you for who you are and encourages you to evolve. She brings her whole self to Flux, sharing personal stories of loss and transformation alongside firsthand accounts of how change is viewed around the world. You’ll never look at change and uncertainty in the same way again.”
—Chip Conley, Strategic Advisor for Hospitality and Leadership, Airbnb, founder of Modern Elder Academy, and New York Times bestselling author
“As I read Flux, I kept thinking of its applicability to young people, including and perhaps especially the young women and girls across the world who want nothing more than to learn and lead. April brings an inclusive and global perspective; she marries disciplines deftly and creatively; and she acknowledges generational difference with compassion and a wide lens. . . . This book has universal relevance and true appeal for both the strivers and the dreamers, who will learn how to harness their inner flux in service to a restored and just world.”
—Suzanne Ehlers, CEO, Malala Fund
“At a time when the status quo is perhaps at its least compelling, it’s hard to think of someone better than April Rinne—thoughtful, brilliant, and kind—to help us rethink our paths, priorities, and hopes.”
—Jonathan Zittrain, George Bemis Professor of International Law, Harvard Law School and Harvard Kennedy School of Government
“Whether you’re sizing up your career, reassessing your values, designing a product, building an organization, trying to inspire your colleagues, or simply showing up more fully in the world, opening a flux mindset and activating your flux superpowers will help you along your journey.”
—Next Big Idea Club

“As we all ask, ‘When will we go back to normal?’ April has created a compelling argument for why we just may not want to. Drawing on her deeply personal and professional experiences, April shows us how slowing down, exploring, and trusting may just lead us down a path of greater personal fulfillment while unleashing greater human potential.”
—Heather McGowan, future of work and learning expert and coauthor of The Adaptation Advantage
“We live in a world in flux, but the word “flux” is also a verb, and an ability we can all develop to help us navigate the profound changes we’re living through. Because of that, Rinne’s new book, Flux, takes a different approach to change than most others. It is not a book about “change management,” nor one “kind” of change. Rather, it is about how to think about and relate to change, period. It is a book about grounding yourself in core values, and “your personal relationship to change,” and how to bring it into your organization. It describes how to develop a Flux Mindset and develop what she believes are the eight Flux Superpowers: to Run Slower, See What’s Invisible, Get Lost, Start with Trust, Know Your “Enough,” Create Your Portfolio Career, Be All the More Human (and Serve Other Humans), and Let Go of the Future. Rinne devotes a chapter to each, and with them, you may not be able to predict the future, but you’ll be better at creating your own.” 
—Porchlight Books

“At once both highly practical and deeply moving, Flux gives readers not just the inspiration to embrace the unknown but the tools and superpowers to do so with clarity and intention. This is what should be taught in all schools.”
—Jonathan Kalan, cofounder and CEO, Unsettled
“If last year’s theme was adapting to a crazy amount of change, this year’s theme should be working to thrive amidst it. To that point, Flux is an excellent career playbook. It’ll coach you through making the most of these crazy times, and even using them to (gasp) flourish.” 
Men’s Journal

Flux is the book for our new-now-next-never normal: timely yet timeless, full of wisdom, and rooted in humanity. It nourishes your mind, heart, and soul alike. It is both a balm for today’s world and a thoughtful road map for tomorrow.”
—Nili Gilbert, institutional investor and World Economic Forum Young Global Leader
“In a world full of uncertainty, April has a gift for making you feel less anxious about what you don’t know. In Flux, that gift is in full force. She helps you see change from a place of hope rather than fear, showing you how to anchor yourself in what really matters and giving you courage to take the next step.”
—David Kessler, author of Finding Meaning
“April Rinne will help you to replace the old static script of your life with a flux mindset: a new way of thinking and being in the world that will help you write and revise many drafts of your own future. Developing your flux superpowers will help you navigate an uncertain world, tap into your sense of purpose, and make the best risk decisions.”
—Michele Wucker, author of The Gray Rhino and You Are What You Risk

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