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After Reader’s Guide

By Marita Golden

After by Marita Golden


Questions and Topics for Discussion

1. In what ways does the unfolding plot of After defy readers’ typical expectations?

2. What stereotypes about the work and life of police officers does the book shatter?

3. How is Carson Blake repeating the cycle of abuse he suggered as a child, in his relationship with his son?

4. What role does Bunny play as a catalyst for Carson’s transformation?

5. Does Carson ever “get over” the shooting?

6. How does the author handle and dramatize the book’s larger themes of guilt, redemption, and forgiveness?

7. Why did the author leave the conclusion open ended?

8. Why was Paul Houston portrayed as a young man who had his own past transgressions?

9. What is the moment in the novel that makes it possible for Carson to imagine changing his life?

10. What is Carson seeking from Natalie Houston?

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