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The Climate Action Handbook by Heidi Roop
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The Climate Action Handbook

Best Seller
The Climate Action Handbook by Heidi Roop
Paperback $24.95
Mar 21, 2023 | ISBN 9781632174147

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  • $24.95

    Mar 21, 2023 | ISBN 9781632174147

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“What can I do, personally, about the climate crisis? [Readers] often ask us a version of this question….[Roop] says that civic engagement is one of the most effective ways for individuals to make a difference and to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the climate crisis….Ask yourself, what are you passionate about? Using this passion may motivate you to help shape the future of your community.”
The New York Times Climate Forward newsletter

“[The Climate Action Handbook] provides lots of ideas—like eating more plant-based meals, choosing slower shipping for deliveries, voting in every election, and supporting youth climate activists. … The ideas are accompanied by striking illustrations that help readers understand what they can do and why it makes a difference.”
—Yale Climate Connections

” . . . filled with 100 ideas to help people lower their carbon footprint and learn how to prepare for the climate changes that have already happened. . . . There’s a chapter on changes to make in your home, such as LED light bulbs, lowering your water heater temperature and fixing the insulation to ensure heat doesn’t escape.”
—CBS News Minnesota

Table Of Contents



Greenhouse Gases: Whey are they such a problem?
Understanding the Scale of the Problem
Understanding the Inequities of Climate Change 
Climate Action in Focus: Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation 
Climate Impacts Across the United States

Starting and Sustaining Your Climate Action Journey

Action 1: Consider Collective and Individual Actions 
Action 2: Understand the Disconnect Between Our Actions and Our Impact 
Action 3: Be Privy to the Politics of Climate Change 
Action 4: Beware the Coordinated Corporate Anti-Climate Campaign 
Action 5: Center Action in Your Strengths and Passions 
Energy Production and Transportation

Action 6: Know What Powers You…and Your Home 
Action 7: Support Renewables in Your Region 
Action 8: Curb the Cost of Renewable Energy 
Action 9: Weigh the Impact of Decarbonization 
Action 10: Commute Mindfully 
Action 11: Consider Carpooling and Rideshares 
Action 12: Buy and Drive an Electric Car 
Action 13: Drive Efficiently 
Action 14: Be Idle Free 
Travel and Work

Action 15: Fly Less, Fly Economy 
Action 16: Vacation Closer to Home 
Action 17: Hotel or Home Share? Seek Out Eco-Friendly Accommodations 
Action 18: Reduce Trash When You Travel 
Action 19: Find Alternatives for Work-Related Travel 
Action 20: Divest and Reinvest 
Action 21: Learn More About Climate Financing 
Action 22: Work Remotely if Possible 
Action 23: Seek Out Climate Solutions in the Workplace 
Action 24: Reduce the Climate Footprints in the Buildings Around Us 
Action 25: Go Green and Cool with Rooftops 
Action 26: Consider Climate as Part of Your Career 
Action 27: Use Caution with Corporate Climate Commitments 

Food and Farming

Action 28: Eat Your Broccoli and Pass on the Meat 
Action 29: Waste Not Want Not: Cut Down on Your Food Waste 
Action 30: Compost 
Action 31: Shop for or Order Your Meals Mindfully 
Action 32: The Climate Cost of Food Take-Out and Delivery 
Action 33: Thoughtfully Opt for Meat Alternatives 
Action 34: Switch to Non-Dairy Alternatives 
Action 35: Assess the Pros and Cons of Eating Local 
Action 36: Enjoy Your Chocolate Responsibly 
Action 37: Drink Responsibly–Imbibe with Climate in Mind 
Action 38: Get to Know Your Favorite Coffee 
Action 39: Support Local, Sustainable Fisheries 
Shopping and Consumer Choices

Action 40: Reduce Consumption Through Community Sharing 
Action 41: Turn Away from Fast Fashion 
Action 42: Weigh Your Diaper Options Carefully 
Action 43: Ditch the Bottled Water 
Action 44: Reduce Your Consumption of Disposable Plastic 
Action 45: Learn About Microplastics and How You Can Avoid Them 
Action 46: Make More Thoughtful Online Purchases 
Action 47: Slow Down Your Shipping 
Action 48: Keep Your Devices Longer and Dispose of Electronics Properly 
Action 49: Shop Your Values (pull quote or other simple treatment) 
Action 50: Beware Greenwashing 
Actions Around the Home

Action 51: Protect Your Property and Consider Where You Rent or Buy 
Action 52: Check your Insurance Policy and Premium 
Action 53: Prepare a “Go-Bag” and a “Stay-Bin” 
Action 54: Create a More Energy-Efficient Home 
Action 55: From Your Cooktop to Rooftop: Work Towards Electrification 
Action 56: Be Thoughtful About Your Air Conditioning 
Action 57: Go Solar 
Action 58: Lighten the Load and Switch to LEDs 
Action 59: Go Low Flow With Your Fixtures 
Action 60: Clean Your Clothes Efficiently 
Action 61: Garden for a Greener Planet 
Action 62: Reduce Waste and Recycle 
Action 63: Calculate your Carbon Footprint 
Nature-based and Natural Solutions

Action 64: (Carefully) Consider Carbon Removal and Offsets 
Action 65: Learn About and Champion Bioenergy and Carbon Capture and Storage 
Action 66: Plant a Tree…or a Trillion 
Action 67: Reduce Your Carbon Offsets 
Action 68: Clean Up Your Dirt 
Action 69: Support Coastal Wetland Conservation 
Action 70: Conserve, Restore, (Re)connect Land 
Action 71: Go Green with Our Infrastructure 
Action 72: Plant Trees to Shade Houses and Buildings 

Health and Wellbeing

Action 73: Protect Yourself and Your Community from Extreme Heat 
Action 74: Protect Your Air 
Action 75: Prepare for More Pests 
Action 76: Address Your Mental Health and Anxiety 
Action 77: Express Yourself Creatively 
Action 78: Buy Beauty Products Responsibly 
Action 79: Change Your Fitness Pattern and Habits 
Action 80: Cherish Your Winter Recreation 
Action 81: Pay the Appropriate Fees for Outdoor Recreation 

Civic and Community Engagement

Action 82: Vote in Every Election 
Action 83: Engage Your Elected Officials 
Action 84: Champion Climate Planning in Your Community 
Action 85: Contribute to a Local Community Groups and Organizations 
Action 86: Support Youth Climate Activism 
Action 87: Share Your Observations and Experiences 
Action 88: Role-Play Climate Solutions 

Education and Climate Information

Action 89: Act on Behalf of Your Children’s Future 
Action 90: Seek Climate Solutions for School Buses and Buildings 
Action 91: Teach Climate Change in the Classroom 
Action 92: Talk Climate with Our Kids 
Action 93: Be a Savvy Consumer of Information 
Action 94: Track the State of the Science 
Action 95: Look to Local Climate Science Leaders 
Action 96: Look to Local Community Climate Leaders 
Action 97: Talk About Climate Issues with Friends and Family 
Action 98: Get Social on Social Media 
Action 99: Embrace Your Inner Bookworm 
Action 100: Celebrate Success and Express Gratitude 
Conclusion: Continuing Your Climate Action Journey

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