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Jane & Edward Reader’s Guide

By Melodie Edwards

Jane & Edward by Melodie Edwards


Reader’s Guide
Jane & Edward by Melodie Edwards
Discussion Questions:

1.   Knowing Jane and Edward is a modern reimagining of Jane Eyre, what similarities and differences to Charlotte Brontë’s novel did you find intriguing? What contemporary updates did you appreciate? Why do you think the author decided to set most of the novel at Rosen, Haythe & Thornfield LLP? How is the high-end law firm like Thornfield Hall? How are the modern Jane and Edward like the original Jane and Edward and how are they different?

2.   Jane has been waitressing for several years and seems to have normalized its highs and lows. She has learned to “fit in” to that life. Mandi chatting with her friend cannot be the first time Jane has heard someone talk about routes to postsecondary education. So why does it spur her to action now?

3.   Jane is understandably risk averse, and yet she makes many brave decisions throughout the novel. What do you think drives her courageous behavior and her resolve to change her life no matter how intimidated she is? What qualities does she possess that make her successful? Think about a time when you took a big risk or a leap of faith in yourself. What factors were you considering and what prompted you to “go for it”?

4.   Why is Jane capable of working with Edward when so many of his previous assistants have left?

5.   Why does Jane slowly redecorate her apartment?

6.   Education, wealth, and social status might be obvious barriers for Jane and Edward’s romance, but what do they have in common that forms and strengthens their bond?

7.   In so many ways Daniel Holland, PhD Lit Oxford, is pretty dreamy, yet Jane finds him unsuitable. Why? What’s wrong about Daniel?

8.   Jane’s efficacy and advocacy for herself are unshakable when she confronts Edward but much more so when confronting the dean. What’s changed in her since enduring or dodging the creepy table nine guy at the diner?

9.   We talk a lot about how relationships must grow and strengthen over time, but perhaps not enough about how partners must make space to grow and thrive as individuals. How do Jane and Edward change as individuals throughout the novel? How do they help each other to thrive?
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