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A Wedding in Lake Como Reader’s Guide

By Jennifer Probst

A Wedding in Lake Como by Jennifer Probst


Reader’s Guide
A Wedding in Lake Como by Jennifer Probst
Discussion Questions:

1.   Both Ava and Maddie experienced difficult relationships with their parents. Do you think this affected the intensity and role of their friendship in their lives? If so, how? Discuss.

2.   A Wedding in Lake Como provides only Maddie’s perspective on the story. How do you think Ava’s would differ? Chelsea’s? Did you wish to have anyone else’s point of view shown?

3.   Italy becomes a backdrop for both Ava’s and Maddie’s personal growth. Discuss how their second trip to Lake Como varies from their first. How have they changed with each other and within themselves?

4.   Chelsea was one of the first two people in the girls’ friendship circle, but many times she seemed to take a more distant perspective in the story. How would Ava and Maddie be different without Chelsea? Would things have gone on a different path, or do you think they would both still have made the same choices?

5.   Maddie wants to be a social media influencer. How does this choice of career affect the story? Do you know anyone who is an influencer? Did you learn more about the influencer world through the story?

6.   Riggs and Maddie fall for each other quickly. Do you think they were meant for each other? Do you think it was their ages that gave them the biggest challenge? Do you think they’d still be together if Ava hadn’t been in the picture?

7.   When Riggs and Ava sleep together, it is five years before Maddie is able to deal with the fallout. Did you agree with her decision to go to Ava’s wedding? Why or why not?

8.   Forgiveness and growth are themes in A Wedding in Lake Como. Discuss how each of the characters experiences both forgiveness and growth in their individual character arc.

9.   Do you think Riggs and Maddie end up together? Do you think Ava and Riggs’s baby will always be an obstacle between them? Why or why not?

10. Female friendship is shown in many intricate layers as the young women transition to adulthood. Do you consider Ava a toxic friend? Have you ever experienced difficulties in a close friendship in your past? How did it end up?

11.  Who do you feel the most connected to—Maddie, Ava, or Chelsea? Why?

12. Do you believe Ava was cheating on Patrick the entire time? Do you believe Maddie should have confronted her?

13. Do you think Maddie should have stood up to Ava? When? How do you think the story would have changed if this had happened?

14. Do you blame Ava for not telling Riggs or Maddie about the baby? Do you agree with the decision for Riggs not to be involved in his child’s life?

15. Ava made choices along the way that hurt other people. Were you able to forgive her like Maddie and Chelsea did?
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