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Leadership Is Worthless...But Leading Is Priceless by Thom Mayer, MD
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Leadership Is Worthless…But Leading Is Priceless

Best Seller
Leadership Is Worthless...But Leading Is Priceless by Thom Mayer, MD
Hardcover $27.95
May 07, 2024 | ISBN 9781523006151

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  • May 07, 2024 | ISBN 9781523006151

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“Leadership is one of the greatest gifts that the world has to offer. As he always does in his books, Dr. Mayer explores the subject in detail and with pertinent, real-world examples from his outstanding work over the years, including 9/11, the NFL, and Ukraine. What is clearly ‘priceless’ is Dr. Mayer’s perspective on relationship-based leadership, his passion for doing rather than talking, and embracing the fact we are all leaders—no matter where we are in our careers or lives.”
—Mike Krzyzewski, former Head Coach, Duke Men’s Basketball

“This book is ‘badass,’ to borrow an apt term from its author, Dr. Thom Mayer, an American hero of 9/11 and an accomplished physician leader for the NFL Players Association, among other noteworthy endeavors. The reader is treated to a fast-moving torrent of anecdotes, aphorisms, quotations, witticisms, and wisdom, from which one emerges inspired, ready for action, and eager to lead.”
—Sandy Williams, MD, Professor of Medicine and former Dean, School of Medicine, Duke University

“Dr. Thom Mayer’s book on leadership is enhanced by a rich series of personal examples drawn from his own life and extraordinary experiences. Perhaps the greatest lesson he has to offer is not to be discouraged by failure but rather to use it as fuel—to take risks and get yourself back in the game. Leaders of all stripes can learn much from reading this book.”
—US Senator Mark R. Warner (D-VA)

“Dr. Thom Mayer’s new book is not an easy read. You cannot ‘flip through it.’ It challenges us to rethink the way we approach the next five minutes, the next two minutes. Please don’t ‘read’ this book. Dive in deep and reflect, and I guarantee it will change your life and the lives of those you work and play with. It is that good, that profound, that powerful.”
—Tom Peters, New York Times bestselling author of Excellence Now

“At Bernstein, we work with many of the most successful, influential, and innovative leaders on the planet. Dr. Thom Mayer stands out with his unique high-stakes leadership experience, uncanny storytelling ability, and unique aptitude to always find the right historic quote. His gift to inspire others through anecdote and turn hard earned life lessons into actionable advice is unparalleled.”
—Adam C. Sansiveri, Senior Managing Director, Bernstein Private Wealth Management

“Dr. Thom Mayer has created a masterpiece . . . a must-read for any person who aspires to lead others in any form or fashion. From the horrors of 9/11 to the gridiron intensity that is uniquely the NFL to the unthinkable modern-day battlefield in Ukraine, Dr. Mayer has had a front-row seat to history and a unique viewing of those individuals who have inspired others to perform above and beyond their daily mission.

“Leadership is about one thing: decision-making. Once you read Leadership is Worthless you will be better prepared to evaluate what needs to be done and exactly what you need in order to do it.”
—Harry Rhoads, Jr., cofounder of Washington Speakers Bureau

“Dr Thom Mayer is an original, as is immediately evident in the provocative title of this must-read book. Through the lens of his riveting experiences, Thom invites us on a personal journey, urging us to embrace leadership not as a distant accolade but as an ever-present action to be woven into the fabric of our daily lives. Mayer captures the heart of leading as an everyday activity, urging us to lead with purpose and presence. Thank you, Thom, for this fresh look at leadership.”
—Herman A Taylor, Jr., MD, MPH, Endowed Professor and Director, Cardiovascular Research Institute, Morehouse School of Medicine

“The title alone should assure this is anything but another cliché-ridden book about leadership. The man nicknamed ‘the master of disaster’ brings his unprecedented experience—from the NFL Players Association to the Pentagon on 9/11 and his deployment to Ukraine—to offer thought-provoking observations and memorable stories applicable to any industry. You will derive Deep Joy (and learn the meaning of the phrase) from reading Doc Mayer’s sublime text.”
—Andrea Kremer, Pro Football Hall of Fame journalist

“The art of leading has been on display throughout Dr. Thom Mayer’s career; he believes we all have the capacity to do the same.

“Rather than preach the virtues of leadership, Dr. Mayer chooses to share his incredible real-life experiences as a means of leading by example. One would be hard-pressed to find someone with the breadth of experiences this man has when it comes to leading in crisis—from command physician at the Pentagon on 9/11 to war-torn villages in Ukraine or amidst the backdrop of his day job for over twenty years, leading the health and safety efforts of the NFLPA, including during the COVID pandemic. 
And yet his humility is evident as he routinely seeks the counsel of others, leaning on their expertise to find optimal solutions when challenges arise. Through the art of storytelling, Dr. Mayer emphasizes teamwork as an essential component of leading; crafting a team that works together is where the work of leading comes into full view. 

Quite simply, there is no one else who could have written this book with the authenticity Dr. Thom Mayer brings to the topic. His ability to translate literary quotes into everyday mantras that are immediately applicable to any situation renders his authority suddenly relatable. Dr. Mayer is leading the reader through his prose, a skill set some would call priceless.”
—Stephania Bell, ESPN journalist

“Thom Mayer, MD, has valuable leadership lessons for all of us. In Leadership Is Worthless, Mayer brilliantly shares what he learned as the top doctor for the NFL Players Association, in Ukraine, and at the Pentagon on 9/11.”
—Arthur C. Brooks, Professor, Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School, and #1 New York Times bestselling author

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