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Absolutely Alfie Series

Sally Warner and Shearry Malone
Alfie Jakes may be the youngest in her family, but she has no trouble speaking up for herself. This true to life chapter book series starring an African-American family is absolutely funny, absolutely honest, and always absolutely Alfie!
Absolutely Alfie and the Furry, Purry Secret by Sally Warner; illustrated by Shearry Malone
Absolutely Alfie and the Worst Best Sleepover by Sally Warner; Illustrated by Shearry Malone
Absolutely Alfie and The Princess Wars by Sally Warner; Illustrated by Shearry Malone

Absolutely Alfie Series : Titles in Order

Book 4
Alfie tries to save Halloween from too many princesses in this fourth book in the Absolutely Alfie series!

It’s almost Halloween at Alfie’s school and everyone is excited to dress up in constumes for the class Halloween party. Shy Bella asks Alfie if she wants to be bunny rabbits together, but then all of Alfie’s other friends are going to be princesses! Alfie is so torn. Can she be both . . . and not hurt anyone’s feelings? Probably not!
Book 3
The third book in the Absolutely Alfie series, perfect for fans of the Judy Moody books!

Second grader Alfie Jakes knows that when it comes to some friendships, one day you’re in, and the next you’re out. When Alfie’s former best friend Lulu announces that she’s hosting the best sleepover ever–and that she’s only allowed to invite six girls–Alfie desperately wants to go but is not sure she’ll be one of the lucky few. Lulu’s classmates are doing all they can to win her favor, a task that often ends in tears. Can Alfie convince her used-to-be best friend that a party is better when everyone is invited–or will she get herself uninvited instead?
Book 2
Alfie Jakes is starting second grade in the follow-up to Alfie Jakes and the Furry, Purry Secret, perfect for fans of the Judy Moody books! 

Alfie Jakes’s summer was better than she expected. Even though her best friend Lulu was away on vacation, she found a new friend in her next door neighbor, Hanni. Hanni even let her take home a kitten! Now that second grade is about to start and Lulu is back in town, Alfie is worried. All she wants is for her trio to be first week friends, but what if Lulu and Hanni don’t get along? Her secret first week, second grade wish is for them to become friends. What if Alfie’s wish comes true–but with a twist she didn’t see coming??
Book 1
Seven-year-old Alfie Jakes has a kitten-sized secret in her debut chapter book—perfect for fans of the Judy Moody books! 

Seven-year-old Alfie Jakes isn’t thrilled when her mom organizes end-of-summer playdates with her soon-to-be classmate, Hanni. Hanni is kind of bossy. So Alfie is relieved when Hanni is more fun to play with then she thought. Even better, she shows Alfie her cat–who has kittens! Alfie immediately falls in love with a little gray kitten and wants to give it a home. But one of the Jakes’ house rules is ‘no pets’ because Alfie is supposedly alergic. Alfie is sure she’s outgrown that allergy, but how can she convince her parents? Wouldn’t it be better to sneak the kitten home and PROVE that she’s not allergic? But keeping a kitten a secret is lot harder than she ever thought!

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