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The Mysterious Mr. Spines Series

Jason Lethcoe and Scott Altmann
When Edward’s mother dies, his aunt sends him to a school for troubled youths. At his new school, Edward discovers that he finally has a purpose: he is a Guardian of the Afterlife, tasked with guiding lost souls between life and death. In this action-packed fantasy trilogy, Edward must battle the most evil force, the Jackal, and fight to free the lost souls trapped in the Woodbine.
Wings #1 by Jason Lethcoe; Illustrated by Scott Altmann
Flight #2 by Jason Lethcoe; Illustrated by Scott Altmann
Song #3 by Jason Lethcoe; Illustrated by Scott Altmann

The Mysterious Mr. Spines Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
The action-packed conclusion to the Mysterious Mr. Spines trilogy!Edward McLeod is almost at the end of his journey. He has battled his way through the afterlife, mastered his Guardian powers, and even learned how to fly. Now he must take on the Jackal and fight for all of the trapped souls in the Woodbine. But the Jackal and his formidable army will not be easy to defeat. Is Edward really the destined “Bridge Builder” or will he too fall to the Jackal’s evil forces?

Book 2
For the first time in his life, Edward Macleod has a purpose. He’s sprouted wings and finally found confirmation that he is indeed one of the magical Guardians of the Afterlife. Now Edward must rescue his mother and all his new friends from the Jackal. But time is quickly running out and he needs to master his Guardian powers first. Without them, he doesn’t stand a chance in the ultimate battle— and the souls of those closest to him will be lost forever.
Book 1
When Edward?s mother dies, his aunt sends him to a school for troubled youths. There, Edward develops an itch in his back that he can?t scratch, and when he gets angry it seems like he can move things with his mind. When the itch erupts into a set of wings, an evil teacher tries to cut them off. Edward is rescued by Mr. Spines, who reveals that Edward is a Guardian, a magical being who guards and guides souls in the Woodbine, a stopover between life and death. Edward will now have to battle the most evil force in the Woodbine, the Jackal, and his army of fallen Guardians. They have destroyed the bridges that lead to the afterlife, trapping countless souls. Edward is unprepared for so much responsibility and he runs away and becomes lost in the Woodbine. There he must find his own voice and learn to master his powers as he is pulled from side to side by magical forces he is only beginning to understand.

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