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The Eternal Champion Series

Michael Moorcock
The Eternal Champion by Michael Moorcock
The Dragon in the Sword by Michael Moorcock
Phoenix in Obsidian by Michael Moorcock

The Eternal Champion Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
The Eternal Champion née John Daker embarks on another journey throughout the multiverse, seeking his freedom and his love, in this final installment of Moorcock’s epic fantasy trilogy
Trapped in a timeless existence, doomed to fight forever, John Daker is the Eternal Champion.
Haunted by memories of too many battles waged during infinite lifetimes, he has taken Fate into his own hands. He searches for Ermizhad—and for the key that will free him from psychic captivity.
On a dark ship piloted by a blind helmsman, the Eternal Champion must stand and fight the darkest battle in the history of the world . . .

Book 2
The heroic John Daker makes a triumphant return in this second installment of The Eternal Champion Sequence—a classic staple of the sword and sorcery genre

As Erekosë, the Eternal Champion, John Daker slew the human race that had betrayed his ideals. And loved Ermizhad, the Eldren princess.

Then the voices called to him and he was powerless to resist. As Fate’s soldier, the Eternal One, his lot was to vanquish tyranny. Sent tumbling through the corridors of eternity, he was transformed.

Now he is Urlik Skarsol, Prince of the Southern Ice, and he must take up the Black Sword and conquer the powers of Evil before he can rediscover Ermizhad, the Eldren princess—and know peace once more.
Book 1
From one of Britain’s foremost fantasy writers comes this Tolkienesque series opener about destiny, war, betrayal—and the return of a long-dead hero
John Daker dreams of other worlds, and a name: Erekosë. He finds the strength to answer the call, travelling to a strange land ruled by the aging King Rigenos of Necranal.
Humanity is united in a desperate fight against the inhuman Eldren, and John must fight with them. But the actions of his brethren turn his loyalties—and, as Erekosë, he will take a terrible revenge.

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