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Frankie and Friends Series

Alea Marley and Christine Platt
In this charming chapter-book series by a social-change advocate, young Frankie emulates her journalist mama, reporting on household news with the help of her sister and an unlikely news crew.
Frankie and Friends: The Big Protest by Christine Platt
Latest in the Series

Frankie and Friends: The Big Protest

Book 2
Hardcover $15.99

Frankie and Friends Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
Frankie’s first loose tooth might fall out during the Kids’ Journalism Conference. How can she help the Tooth Fairy find her when she’s away from home?

Breaking news! Ace junior reporter Frankie has her first loose tooth. All of her toys are excited, and Nina Simone the cat gives a joyful purr. Frankie can’t wait to see what the Tooth Fairy brings her. It might even be a brand-new book like her friend Pedro received! Robert the robot calculates that Frankie’s tooth will fall out in about a week. But that means it will happen when Frankie is away at the Kids’ Journalism Conference with Mama. What if the Tooth Fairy can’t find Frankie when she’s not at her house? Can Frankie and her plucky toys come up with a plan to contact the Tooth Fairy so Frankie doesn’t miss out? Young journalists will learn more vocabulary of the trade in this latest adventure featuring our star reporter and her endearing friends.
Book 2
Young reporter Frankie and her news crew of beloved toys learn why and how people protest as this engaging series continues.

There’s breaking news on TV at Frankie’s house—a protest to demand justice! Frankie’s mama, a journalist, gets a call to cover the story, and Frankie wants to do her own reporting, too. But what is a protest, exactly, and why do people do it? Along with her news crew, including Farrah the doll, Dan the teddy bear, and Nina the cat, Frankie prepares a feature story by doing research and conducting interviews with Papa and big sister Raven. And when the toys decide to have their own protest in support of the local movement, Frankie is on the scene to help make signs, march, and, of course, get the scoop! In this latest installment of the winning series, Frankie explores big ideas like racial injustice and activism with her supportive family and learns more about journalism in the process. Young newshounds will learn along with Frankie through all-caps vocabulary terms and a glossary at the back.
Book 1
In a charming new chapter-book series by a social-change advocate, young Frankie emulates her journalist mama by reporting on household news with the help of her sister and an unlikely news crew.

Frankie’s mama is leaving to cover a breaking news story. Frankie, Papa, and Frankie’s teenage sister, Raven, are all proud of Mama, even though they miss her when she’s away. But Frankie has a great idea: she can make her own news show! After all, Mama has told her that news is happening around her all the time. With a little assistance from her friends—including her doll Farrah, Robert the toy robot, and her tabby cat, Nina Simone—Frankie prepares for her first “broadcast.” And when she hears someone crying in the house, she knows that’s the developing story she must cover. With humor, empathy, and imagination, Frankie gets the scoop—and learns that even mature older sisters can miss Mama sometimes. With sweet illustrations throughout, this engaging new series embraces communication and compassion and is a refreshing portrayal of Black women in journalism. Young reporters will learn the terms of the trade, which are clearly presented in the text and reinforced in a glossary at the end of the book.

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