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American Girl: Historical Character (TM): Samantha Series

Valerie Tripp and Jennifer Hirsch
Samantha: The Gift by Jennifer Hirsch
Samantha: Lost and Found by Valerie Tripp

American Girl: Historical Character (TM): Samantha Series : Titles in Order

Book 2
Samantha’s story continues in the second book in her series.

Things have changed for Samantha. She leaves quiet Mount Bedford for the bustle of New York City and the company of Aunt Cornelia’s ten-year-old twin sisters. Agnes and Agatha are good at getting into mischief—and at bringing Samantha with them. When the three girls visit Grandmary’s summer home, an adventure leads to danger on Goose Lake—the same lake where Samantha’s parents drowned! Then word comes that Nellie and her sisters are in serious trouble. It’s up to Samantha to save her friends before it’s too late.
Book 1
Samantha’s story begins with the first book in her series.

Samantha is a wealthy orphan growing up in 1904. Her grandmother is raising her as a proper young lady with the best of everything. Still, Samantha is lonely. When her Uncle Gard comes to visit with his friend, Miss Cornelia Pitt, and a special gift for Samantha, it doesn’t go well. Even worse, Samantha isn’t allowed to play with Nellie, the girl next door, because Nellie is a servant. So Samantha decides to help Nellie learn to read. Through her forbidden friendship with Nellie, Samantha learns some important things, too—about truth, friendship, and family.
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