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Hellaween Series

Moss Lawton
Hellaween: Spellbent by Moss Lawton
Coming soon (08-20-24)

Hellaween: Spellbent

Book 2
Paperback $13.99

Hellaween Series : Titles in Order

Book 2
Perfect for fans of Wednesday and Monster High, the second book of this wickedly funny graphic novel series follows an aspiring witch and her two best friends as they try to have the most epic Halloween ever…while also dealing with pesky do-gooders, escaped monsters, and one harsh curfew.

Halloween is hella fun when you’re a monster! Or at least it used to be, before those junior Helsings got in the way of Gwen and her friends. Now, on top of that, the whole town is in lockdown, with a curfew and everything.

Gwen thinks it’s time to ditch suburbia and finally head to the Hallowlands. But Miles and Sloane are determined to save their “normie” holiday. The vampire and werewolf scramble to fulfill their sacred need to party. The plan: throw the most epic bash this town has ever seen . . . and then scare everyone who shows up!

But Gwen has plans of her own. Fed up with being told no, she decides to use her magic to break into the Hallowlands once and for all.  And she quickly discovers it’s as strange as she always dreamed, but also as dangerous as her friends have warned. Luckily, she soon meets a fellow witch who can be her guide through the bizarre land and also help level up her powers. But could it all be too good to be true? The fate of these three best friends’ Halloween night hangs in the balance—but will it end in trick or treat?
Book 1
Perfect for fans of Wednesday, Hooky, Monster High, and anyone in need of a wickedly good laugh, this graphic novel follows an aspiring witch and her two best friends as they try to have a fun-filled Halloween . . . while also dealing with a pair of neighborhood do-gooders hell-bent on vanquishing evil.

Learning to become a witch is hella difficult! Luckily, Gwen can always count on her two best friends in the whole world for help. Except Sloane and Miles aren’t exactly from this world. They’re from the Hallowlands, a monstrous realm, which they can only leave as the year creeps toward Halloween. This year, Gwen is determined to flex her magical skills. Armed with her first-ever grimoire, she’s hoping her friends will finally see that she has what it takes to leave boring suburbia behind and join them in the Hallowlands.

Except Gwen hadn’t counted on Hiro, a local kid obsessed with hunting the supernatural. When he and his reluctant sidekick start making trouble for them, the monster squad will have to fight to avoid having their secrets exposed—or worse. But when Gwen’s quest to prove herself leads to a string of unintended consequences, the five of them may just have to band together to take on something even more nightmarish than being a teen.
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