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Always Anjali Series

Found in Children’s Picture Books
Anjali Can! by Sheetal Sheth
Available on (01-14-25)

Anjali Can!

Book 3
Hardcover $18.99

Always Anjali Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
Anjali is back and ready to prove there’s nothing she can’t do, in this third book in the Always Anjali series! When a beloved community center is threatened with shutting down, Anjali must quickly find a way to save the space or risk losing it.

The local community center is a second home to Anjali. It’s where she met her best friends; it’s her favorite spot for game and movie nights; and it’s where she learned to play tabla.

Anjali has so many happy memories there, but now the community center is closing! Unwilling to let the center shut down for good, Anjali is determined to keep the place open. Some people may say there’s nothing she can do, but Anjali knows better–she can and must take action! There is no stopping her.

From actor, author, and activist Sheetal Sheth comes the third book in the Anjali series and a reminder of the power of one and to always fight for what you believe in.
Book 2
Anjali is back for an encore in this follow-up to Always Anjali! And she isn’t going to let anyone make her feel bad for being good at something, especially something she loves.

For Anjali, playing the tabla is something that comes naturally–she loves feeling the drum beneath her fingers and getting lost in the music. She doesn’t care that some people say it’s an instrument for boys. But she does care when her skills make others treat her differently. 

Anjali starts downplaying her talent, and even messes up on purpose. When her teacher announces a music contest, Anjali can’t deny her dreams of playing the tabla. 

From actor, author, and activist Sheetal Sheth, this second book in the Anjali series is an important message about never dimming your light.
Book 1
Meet Anjali! She’s the spunky star of this picture book with a timeless message about appreciating what makes us special and honoring our different identities.

Anjali and her friends are excited to buy matching personalized license plates for their bikes–but Anjali can’t find a plate with her name. She is often teased about her “different” name, and this is the last straw. Anjali is so upset that she demands her parents let her pick a new name! When they refuse, Anjali decides to take a closer look at who she is–beyond her name–and why being different means being marvelous. 

Actress and activist Sheetal Sheth has penned a deeply personal picture book about the experience of feeling othered and the journey toward embracing yourself.

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