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Super Magic Boy Series

Jarod Roselló
Super Magic Boy: I Am a Space Tiger by Jarod Roselló
Available on (12-17-24)

Super Magic Boy: I Am a Space Tiger

Book 2
Hardcover $10.99

Super Magic Boy Series : Titles in Order

Book 2
Zip, zap, and zoom through space with Hugo and his best friend Dino on their adventure to find the best mom present ever! An out-of-this-world graphic novel chapter book series filled to the brim with friendship and zany adventures!

Oh no! Today is Mami’s birthday and Hugo forgot to get her a present! Don’t worry, with Hugo’s imagination, and some help from Dino, they figure out that the best place to find a gift for the best mom in the world: OUTER SPACE! 

When they land on the planet of Space Tigers, Hugo is excited to get help from his new alien friends! But it sounds like the Space Tigers have their own problems that need to be solved. Don’t worry! Hugo can turn into a Space Tiger and help his new friends out…and hopefully find the best present ever along the way!
Book 1
Crash, smash, and transform! An all-new graphic novel chapter book series filled with adventure, friendship, and dinosaurs.

Hugo can do whatever he wants! He can climb a mountain! Smash a table! He can even transform into a dinosaur like his best friend, Dino. When Hugo and Dino are together, they can use their imagination to do anything…even clean up the mess afterward!

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