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The Outer Space Mystery Pizza Club Series

Bruce Hale and Luke Séguin-Magee
Elvis Is Missing #1 by Bruce Hale
Available on (10-15-24)

Elvis Is Missing #1

Book 1
Paperback $7.99

The Outer Space Mystery Pizza Club Series : Titles in Order

Book 2
Perfect for fans of The Alien Next Door, this second illustrated chapter book in the Outer Space Mystery Pizza Club series is an out-of-this-world adventure!

With their trip to Kroon behind them, Mateo, Tina, Booker, and Jennica are back on Earth, Elvis the dog is no longer missing, and all is safe and sound…right?

Wrong! Hot on their tails are Grunthar and his motley alien crew. NoWay and Clorox have made their way to Earth, too, ready to help the kids against whatever Grunthar is planning. Tina is determined to be the hero this time, but will she be able to figure out what the alien inventor is up to before it’s too late?

Author Bruce Hale and illustrator Luke Séguin-Magee have crafted another rollicking tale featuring extraordinary black-and-white illustrations throughout.
Book 1
Blast off into space and come along for an intergalactic mystery—with plenty of pizza—in this first book of the illustrated chapter book series, Outer Space Mystery Pizza Club!

It’s another ordinary Friday night in the suburbs for the Garcia-Jackson family: Mateo and Valentina’s favorite show is on TV. Mateo’s best friend, Booker, is over. And their babysitter, Jennica, is definitely keeping an eye on them and not playing with her phone.

But when Elvis, the family’s dog, bolts out of the house, barking uncontrollably at someone—or something—in the backyard, the kids go investigate…only to watch Elvis disappear through a mysterious portal!

The three kids, with their babysitter in tow, have no choice but to follow him—adventuring through deep space, where they’ll encounter aliens, dodge asteroids, and defy gravity—as they attempt to find their furry best friend (and make it back home before bedtime!).

Illustrator Luke Séguin-Magee brings this hilarious story to life with out-of-this-world black-and-white spot art.
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