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Project (Un)Popular Series

Kristen Tracy
Project (un)Popular is a 2-book series by Kristen Tracy:
#1 Project (un)Popular
#2 Project (un)Popular: Totaly Crushed
Project (Un)Popular Book #1 by Kristen Tracy
Project (Un)Popular Book #2: Totally Crushed by Kristen Tracy

Project (Un)Popular Series : Titles in Order

Book 2
Two middle school BFFs experience the highs and lows of friendship, boys, sixth-grade politics, sister drama, and popularity in this funny and smart sequel to Project (Un)Popular!
Perry can’t figure out what she’s doing wrong. Her best friend, Venice, has a boyfriend, making her feel totally left out—especially when Venice doesn’t seem to have time for Perry or her problems. Yearbook has gotten a little bit better, but Anya is still out to get her, and instead of getting to work on something fun, Perry’s stuck covering the “What’s Hot” section. Even her attempt to help the geeks is backfiring. And when her older sister takes one of the biggest dorks at school under her wing, Perry feels completely betrayed.
Now Hayes, a boy she barely knows, is hanging around and giving her stuff, and Perry panics. She doesn’t want a boy to be crushing on her—especially Hayes. And social media makes everything more complicated. Is it even possible for Perry to turn things around and make sixth grade awesome?

“The drama of crushes, frenemies, and hovering parents is spot-on.”–Kirkus Reviews
Book 1
Perfect for summer reading is this first book in a fun new series about two middle school BFFs as they experience the highs and lows of friendship, boys, sixth grade politics, sister drama, and popularity.
Middle school isn’t a popularity contest. It’s a war.
Perry and her best friend, Venice, are excited to be yearbook photographers and tell the story of their school through their art. But that’s before they find out the truth: the spontaneous moments they’re supposed to capture are all faked.Yearbooks should include everybody—even the dorks. But Perry feels totally stuck. Until she starts taking flattering shots of popular people, none of her candids will ever be chosen. Fighting back isn’t going to win her any friends—she might even lose some. It’s time to decide what’s more important: fitting in . . . or standing out.

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