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Shark and Bot Series

Brian Yanish
Shark and Bot #3: Zombie Doughnut Attack! by Brian Yanish
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Shark and Bot #3: Zombie Doughnut Attack!

Book 3
Hardcover $9.99

Shark and Bot Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
A shark, a robot, some zombie donuts… No wonder new readers love this new graphic series! Don’t miss the latest epic and hilarious adventure. 

Shark and Bot have proven that together, best friends can handle anything. They made peace on the playground! They braved sleepaway camp! But nothing prepared this duo for what they find in the hallways of school:
They’re sweet… Sometimes sticky…  And the sugar level is no joke….
Book 2
Two besties on a brave new adventure… sleeping away from home for the first time! Friendship, hilarity, and superhero donuts await!  

It’s Summer vacation and Shark and Bot have a new adventure– at sleepaway camp! Shark (always the anxious one!) quickly starts feeling homesick. Can he make it through the week? With his best friend by his side, of course he will… Unless Bot short circuits at the lake! 
This funny and fresh graphic series has new readers laughing and longing for more!
Book 1
A shark and a robot are unlikely friends. But in this hilarious young graphic novel series, what makes you different makes for an EPIC friendship.

Can a shark and a robot really be friends? What makes us different also makes for EPIC friendship in this hilarious new graphic series, perfect for reluctant readers, and fans of Narwhal and Jelly and Bad Guys.

Shark loves water. Bot short circuits if he goes near water! Shark recites poetry. Bot recites facts. Can these two really be friends? They’re both a little awkward… They both love comics… And just wait til you see their dance moves when they confront a playground bully. Readers won’t just laugh along, they’ll identify with real-life issues of making friends, accepting differences, and dealing with bullies in the best way possible.

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