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Best Audiobooks Narrated by a Full Cast

There’s something particularly engrossing about a well-narrated audiobook. When you get that perfect combination of narrator and story, it can be magical. The only thing that’s arguably better is when a novel gets the full-cast treatment. It doesn’t happen that often, but when you listen to your first audiobook with a full cast, it feels like a genuine game changer. The interplay of the different voices and the rhythm of the dialogue can put a whole new spin on even the most well-loved novel. Here are a few of the best audiobooks with a full cast.
  1. 1

    Lincoln in the Bardo

    Read by Cassandra Campbell, Nick Offerman, David Sedaris, Adenrele Ojo, Lorna Raver, and many more

    George Saunder’s long-awaited first novel certainly didn’t disappoint. Thankfully neither does the audiobook – which w’re quickly counting as one of the best audiobooks with a full cast of all time. Voiced by an absurdly expansive cast that includes the likes of Nick Offerman, Julianne Moore, and Don Cheadle, this recording, much like the novel, is a surreal examination of grief and loss that just needs to be experienced.

    Lincoln in the Bardo Book Cover Picture
  2. 2

    Sleeping Giants

    Read by Andy Secombe, Eric Meyers, Laurel Lefkow, Charlie Anson, Liza Ross, William Hope, Christoper Ragland, Katharine Mangold, and Adna Sablyich

    Given the narrative structure of Sleeping Giants, it’s a perfect candidate for the full-cast audiobook. Told through a series of interviews, journal entries, newspaper articles, etc., the use of multiple readers truly brings the story to life. Sleeping Giants is a beguiling piece of speculative fiction centering around the push to understand the discovery of a giant metal hand beneath the earth. Hearing multiple narrators give a voice to the deepening mystery lifts the story in some fascinating ways.

    Sleeping Giants Book Cover Picture
  3. 3

    The Golden Compass: His Dark Materials

    Read by Philip Pullman, Joanna Wyatt, Alison Dowling, Seán Barrett, and Stephen Thorne

    For this one, you should really just check out the whole trilogy – the entire thing is fully cast and utterly captivating. Philip Pullman himself stands in as the narrator alongside a cast of veteran London stage actors who do a stunning job of bringing the characters to life. If you haven’t yet been introduced to story of Lyra Belacqua, Will Parry, and their journeys through a series of parallel universes, this is the perfect entry point.

    The Golden Compass: His Dark Materials Book Cover Picture
  4. 4

    World War Z

    Read by Max Brooks, Steve Park, Frank Kamai, Nathan Fillion, Paul Sorvino, Ade ‘Cormack, Carl Reiner, and Waleed Zuaiter

    Given that World War Z is a sort of modern epistolary novel describing a zombie pandemic through a series of interviews with an agent of the United Nations, it just makes sense as a fully-cast audiobook. The inclusion of multiple narrators makes the interviews crackle and adds to the already breathless pace of the narrative.

    World War Z Book Cover Picture
  5. 5

    The Regional Office Is Under Attack!

    Read by Sarah Scott, Natasha Soudek, Susan Hanfield, Mike Chamberlain, and more

    This novel is bizarre, hilarious, and thrilling. Thankfully, the audiobook is as well, due in large part to the full-cast recording. It’s the story of an organization of super-powered female assassins under attack by a group of defectors. Hearing the razor-sharp interplay of the characters really just makes the whole thing sing.

    The Regional Office Is Under Attack! Book Cover Picture
  6. 6

    Into the Water

    Read by Laura Aikman, Imogen Church, Daniel Weyman, Rachel Bavidge, Sophie Aldred, amd more

    Into the Water is as addictive and twist-laden as you’d expect from the author of The Girl of the Train. Giving a great thriller the full-cast treatment carries the chilling suspense and secrets to a different level. The interplay of characters and the rhythm of dialogue is pitch perfect for this page-turning tale about the fallout that occurs when a single mother is found dead at the bottom of a river where a teenage girl drowned earlier in the summer. Be prepared for a marathon listening session.

    Into the Water Book Cover Picture

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