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The 16 Worst Mothers in Books

Mom. Mommy? MOM! Most mothers know best, but these terrible moms only know worst. We’ve compiled a list of the horrible, mean, bad moms in fiction.
  1. Matilda Book Cover Picture

    Matilda’s mother

    THE WORST. Let’s all agree that Miss Honey is Matilda’s true mom.

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  2. A Game of Thrones Book Cover Picture

    Cersei Lannister

    Cersei is evil and will do anything for the iron throne, a lifestyle that doesn’t reflect well on her children.

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  3.  Book Cover Picture

    Mrs. Bennett

    Haven’t you learned the first rule of finding a nice boy for your daughter is to back off?

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  4. Hamlet Book Cover Picture

    Queen Gertrude

    Marrying your (recently) late husband’s brother is one thing, but ignoring your son? Shame on you, Queen G.

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  5. Ordinary People Book Cover Picture

    Beth Jarrett

    Beth allows tragedy and mourning to destroy her ability to love anyone but her dead son.

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  6. More Than It Hurts You Book Cover Picture

    Dori Goldin

    Dori has an illness that makes her deliberately harm her own child called Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

  7. Push Book Cover Picture

    Mary, Precious’s mother

    Precious does everything for her mother and receives nothing but abuse.

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  8. Portnoy's Complaint Book Cover Picture

    Sophie Portnoy

    Sophie is a neurotic mess and completely redefines the definition of a helicopter parent.

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  9. Rabbit, Run Book Cover Picture

    Janice Angstrom

    Drunk, mean, awful Janice Angstrom is definitely one of the worst mothers on this list.

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  10. Carrie Book Cover Picture

    Margaret White

    Carrie’s mom is as creepy, scary, and awful as they come, “I can see your dirty pillows.” Gross. Bad mom!

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  11. About a Boy Book Cover Picture

    Marcus’s mom

    Marcus’s mom is just plain mean. Luckily, Marcus isn’t a product of his environment.

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  12. Medea Book Cover Picture


    Hm, yes, killing your sons to get revenge is not your best maternal behavior.

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  13. As I Lay Dying Book Cover Picture

    Addie Bundren

    If you didn’t want children, you shouldn’t have had children. Get on with it, woman. And while you’re at it, quit abusing your students.

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  14. Lolita Book Cover Picture

    Charlotte Haze

    Pay closer attention to your daughter.

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  15. Madame Bovary Book Cover Picture

    Emma Bovary

    Vanity and selfishness a mother does not make.

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  16. East of Eden Book Cover Picture

    Cathy Ames

    She may look innocent, but her monstrous behavior becomes apparent early on.

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