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Daniel H. Wilson is a New York Times bestselling author and coeditor of the Robot Uprisings and Press Start to Play anthologies. He earned a Ph.D. in robotics from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, where he also received master’s degrees in robotics and in machine learning. He has published over a dozen scientific papers, holds four patents, and has written eight books. Wilson has written for Popular ScienceWired, and Discover, as well as online venues such as MSNBC.com, GizmodoLightspeed, and Tor.com. In 2008, Wilson hosted The Works, a television series on the History Channel that uncovered the science behind everyday stuff. His books include How to Survive a Robot UprisingA Boy and His BotAmped, Robopocalypse (the film adaptation of which is slated to be directed by Steven Spielberg) and Robogenesis. He lives and writes in Portland, Oregon. Find him on Twitter @danielwilsonPDX. 

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