Change of Heart

Ebook $13.99

Vintage | Dec 18, 2007 | 272 Pages | ISBN 9780307425225

  • Paperback$16.95

    Vintage | Feb 14, 2006 | 272 Pages | 5-3/16 x 8 | ISBN 9780375727047

  • Ebook$13.99

    Vintage | Dec 18, 2007 | 272 Pages | ISBN 9780307425225


“A detailed rendition of one of the most important studies in modern medicine, reinforcing the truth that each of us can control our life to foster health and stave off illness. It is a lesson that never grows old.” –Jerome Groopman, M.D., Recanati Professor, Harvard Medical School

“This book holds many lessons for the present. . . . A Change of Heart is an easy but exciting read. We owe a lot to Framingham.” –Nature

"This account of the Framingham study . . . does justice to the courage and commitment of both the medical scientists and the patients who contributed so much to advancing the field of cardiology." –The Boston Globe

“The Framingham Heart Study contributed considerable evidence about the important risk factors for cardiovascular disease, effective lifestyle adjustments, and preventative steps. . . . Scattered through the book are important lessons for the prevention of heart disease. . . . An engaging account.”–Science

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