The Death of Ivan Ilych

Paperback $10.00

Melville House | Apr 01, 2008 | 128 Pages | 5 x 7 | ISBN 9781933633541

  • Paperback$10.00

    Melville House | Apr 01, 2008 | 128 Pages | 5 x 7 | ISBN 9781933633541

  • Ebook$10.00

    Melville House | May 17, 2011 | ISBN 9781612190808


“I wanted them all, even those I’d already read.”
—Ron Rosenbaum, The New York Observer

“Small wonders.”
Time Out London

[F]irst-rate…astutely selected and attractively packaged…indisputably great works.”
—Adam Begley, The New York Observer

“I’ve always been haunted by Bartleby, the proto-slacker. But it’s the handsomely minimalist cover of the Melville House edition that gets me here, one of many in the small publisher’s fine ‘Art of the Novella’ series.”
The New Yorker

“The Art of the Novella series is sort of an anti-Kindle. What these singular, distinctive titles celebrate is book-ness. They’re slim enough to be portable but showy enough to be conspicuously consumed—tiny little objects that demand to be loved for the commodities they are.”
—KQED (NPR San Francisco)

“Some like it short, and if you’re one of them, Melville House, an independent publisher based in Brooklyn, has a line of books for you… elegant-looking paperback editions …a good read in a small package.”
The Wall Street Journal

Also by Leo Tolstoy

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