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In the Balance (Worldwar, Book One)

Mass Market Paperback $7.99

Dec 28, 1994 | 576 Pages

Ebook $1.99

Jan 08, 2002 | 576 Pages

  • Ebook $1.99

    Jan 08, 2002 | 576 Pages

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Author Essay

What got me about the Worldwar series wasn’t the aliens.  It wasn’t the warfare (though Harry’s really good at it–I especially love the tanks).  It wasn’t even the fact that he’d turned history on its ear in a big way.  No, it was the people.  

If they were historical figures, like Josef Stalin, or Adolf Hitler, or Omar Bradley, he really brought them back to life.  But even they took a back seat to Harry’s original characters–the soldiers, the civilians, the resistance members, the spies.  Whether they were American or Russian or British or Chinese, he made me care about them, about their lives and their loves.  And he made me care a lot about their deaths–the kind of deaths that happen in war.

He made the most out of cultural juxtaposition, when a Polish Jew had to fight alongside a Nazi, or a British officer found himself in a tumultuous affair with a female Russian pilot (and sharpshooter–whoosh).  These were the real people,  They took a science fiction alternate history and elevated it to a new level.  The result is a terrific adventure.
                                –Steve Saffel, Senior Editor

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