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What Cat Is That? by Tish Rabe
Hardcover $9.99

Sep 24, 2013 | 48 Pages | 5-8 years

  • Hardcover $9.99

    Sep 24, 2013 | 48 Pages | 5-8 years

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What Cat is That?: All About Cats is a delightful and informative book that will help children better understand the ways in which all cats communicate and behave–whether wild, pedigreed, or random-bred domestic cats. I love the descriptive text and marvelous illustrations expressing how cats act and look when threatened, nervous, or displaying affection.  For a small book it packs loads of good information. There are facts about several rare pedigreed breeds and descriptions of natural cat behavior like “bunting,” tail twitching and claw extension. This book will help instill respect for all cats!
–Joan Miller, Cat Fanciers’ Association, CFA Outreach and Education

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