The Gallery

Ebook $18.95

NYRB Classics | Nov 20, 2013 | 368 Pages | ISBN 9781590178072

  • Paperback$18.95

    NYRB Classics | Mar 31, 2004 | 368 Pages | 5-1/8 x 8 | ISBN 9781590170809

  • Ebook$18.95

    NYRB Classics | Nov 20, 2013 | 368 Pages | ISBN 9781590178072


“A book by an ex—soldier that deals with the Americans in Itlay and that displays unmistakable talent…Mr. Burns shows the novelist’s specific gift in a brilliant way.” — Edmund Wilson

“Burns has a brilliant facility for reproducing the sights, sounds, color, feel, and smell of the places he has seen. He uses this to startling effect to recapture what many Americans beyond the frontiers of their antiseptic homeland for the first time found in exotic and warped war centers as Casablanca, Fedhala, Algiers, and of course the twisted and diseased Napoli itself.” — William Hogan, San Francisco Chronicle

“An important novel of our time.” — William McFee, New York Sun

“No one will ever forget this book: a story torn from impassioned experience of modern wars in a shattered city of the ancient world. The Gallery is unique, unsparing, immediate; inextinguishable.” — Shirley Hazzard

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