Mexican Days

Ebook $11.99

Broadway Books | Nov 19, 2008 | 288 Pages | ISBN 9780307488190

  • Paperback$15.99

    Broadway Books | Apr 24, 2007 | 288 Pages | 5-3/16 x 8 | ISBN 9780767920919

  • Ebook$11.99

    Broadway Books | Nov 19, 2008 | 288 Pages | ISBN 9780307488190


Praise for Tony Cohan
Mexican Days

“Tony Cohan’s singular novelist’s heart and eye, and the master-craftsmanship of his prose, set him far apart from anyone else today writing about ‘travel.’ Tony Cohan goes through the looking glass beyond ordinary journeying and discovers not just a place, a culture, a history, but the interstices of mood, longing, the beauty and tragedy of the people he finds in that place. He is our pre-eminent explorer of Mexico, and anywhere else he may voyage to.”
—Peter Nichols, author of A Voyage for Madmen

On Mexican Time

“Terribly seductive—an enticing and intoxicating vision of Mexico.”
Denver Post

“Cohan describes life in Mexico as ‘intimate, voluptuous, sense driven,’ a phrase that also describes On Mexican Time.”
Boston Sunday Globe

On Mexican Time is more than a travelogue, more than a vicarious journey for the reader. It is a gentle reminder to examine our lives and weed out the unnecessary, the chaotic, and the frivolous.”

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