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Hardcover $30.00

Feb 16, 2016 | 384 Pages

Ebook $14.99

Feb 16, 2016 | 384 Pages

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Feb 16, 2016 | 908 Minutes

  • Hardcover $30.00

    Feb 16, 2016 | 384 Pages

  • Ebook $14.99

    Feb 16, 2016 | 384 Pages

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“Impeccably reported and written, this book puts a bullet in the heart of the country’s most morally corrupt institution and will help liberate the thousands who are truly indentured.”
—Buzz Bissinger, author of Friday Night Lights
“This relentlessly researched, one-stop-shop exposé proves that the NCAA is a hopeless failure posing as the steward of American college athletics.”
—Frank Deford, Sports Illustrated
“A searing indictment of the power and exploitation at the heart of big-money college athletics…. A clarion call for anyone who believes that hard-working people deserve fairness, respect, and a level playing field.”
—Senator Cory Booker
“This book pulls back the covers on the lives that get chewed up by college sports. It’s beautifully written and compelling.”
—Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit
“Shocking and stunning. Two of the nation’s finest newspaper writers have delivered an absolute masterpiece.”
—Paul Finebaum, ESPN
“Painstakingly reported and deftly written, Indentured shines the brightest light yet on the hypocrisy and injustice perpetrated by the NCAA.”
—George Dohrmann, author of Play Their Hearts Out
“I think it should be required reading for all sports fans.”
—Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 
“When I was in college, I felt like an indentured servant, exploited and controlled by all the people who were getting rich off my labors and my talent. This book is not only a must-read for college athletes and fans, but a call to action.”
—Arian Foster, Houston Texans running back 
“Joe Nocera and Ben Strauss have long recognized the widespread corruption that plagues big time college sports. These are issues that go beyond the sports pages.”
—Bob Costas

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