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May 16, 2006 | 630 Minutes

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“Coupland is an accomplished and talented writer whose books are perennial bestsellers.”
Quill & Quire

“[JPod] is a work in which his familiar misgivings about life on the technological cusp are again invoked, but also one in which the skills he’s been developing as a novelist pay off, where his satirical streak and his social consciousness finally stop fooling around with each other and settle down together…. JPod is a sleek and necessary device: the finely tuned output of an author whose obsolescence is thankfully years away.”
The New York Times Book Review

JPod is a seriously funny book,…a rolling thunder of sustained comedy, first page to last, as it ends up, and skewers the shamelessness and amorality that define our era…. Coupland’s timing is impeccable: JPod is the right book at the right time.”
The Globe and Mail

Praise for Eleanor Rigby:

“Coupland’s. . .most accomplished work to date. . .could be one of the first great novels of the new century.”
––Kirkus (starred review)

Eleanor Rigby. . .might prove to be among the best fiction of this new year.”
Los Angeles Times

“What makes him hit us again and again, as though he were pelting meteorites from on high, is his ability to connect with ordinary human emotions and to make them profound.”
Elle (Canada)

Praise for Hey Nostradamus!:

“A leap sideways from the acid irony which has shaded some of Coupland’s earlier novels. Instead, from the pen of one of the coolest authors on the planet has come a work of suffusing humanity.”
Sunday Herald (UK)

“The leading literary voice of the most cynical generation lets it all out in a blaze of spirituality, terror, high comedy and soul-searching, and does it all in a way that is caring and clever, heartbreaking and hilarious, tough and tender. . .not only Coupland’s best novel, but also one of the best of the year.”
The Hamilton Spectator

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