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Paperback $15.00

Sep 09, 2008 | 224 Pages

Ebook $13.99

Mar 20, 2007 | 256 Pages

  • Paperback $15.00

    Sep 09, 2008 | 224 Pages

  • Ebook $13.99

    Mar 20, 2007 | 256 Pages

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“Rather brilliantly, what [Daniels] describes as ‘ghetto’ behavior and thought is not color-coded . . . That such a brave and unflinching book could be written by a black woman in this time is quite inspiring.” —Stanley Crouch, New York Daily News

“With wit and wisdom, [Daniels] explores and exposes the ghetto ‘mindset’ that demeans women, devalues education, ridicules proper English, celebrates criminality, discards traditional parenthood, and celebrates tacky fashion. Yet Ms. Daniels writes with an undertone of love. She softens the inevitable ‘elitist’ label that some critics have pinned on Bill Cosby by spreading the blame. At a time of great national argument over who is to blame for poverty, racism, or bad habits, Ms. Daniels reveals that society can be blamed.” —Clarence Page, Baltimore Sun

“Daniels widens the scope in a way that is blunt, personal, and challenging.” —Entertainment Weekly

“Cheeky, heartfelt, and hip. Daniels’s casual, extemporaneous tone keeps this sophisticated work accessible to a wide audience…” —Publishers Weekly

“Daniels’s is a sobering critique that should be understood by every American.” —Steve Goddard’s History Wire

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