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Question 7 by Richard Flanagan
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Question 7 by Richard Flanagan
Hardcover $28.00
Sep 17, 2024 | ISBN 9780593802335

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    Sep 17, 2024 | ISBN 9780593802335

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“A haunting, jagged, sparkling narrative puzzle. . . . Fascinating work.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred)

“A dazzling, one-of-a-kind memoir. . . . A mesmerizing narrative tapestry. . . . A bracing dreamscape that blends fiction, family, and history to illuminate his captivating consciousness. This is masterful.” —Publishers Weekly (starred)

“Richard Flanagan’s Question 7 is a book itching to be quoted and underlined. A high-reaching philosophical enquiry that is also fully personal, it contains indelible, morally piercing moments about atrocity, inheritance, nature and the colonial experience. . . . I thought it was outstanding.” ―Anne Enright, author of The Wren, The Wren
“Extraordinary. . . . This is a work of non-fiction [but] it has all the complexity and emotional heft of a great novel. . . . It is not often that a book forces you to put it down repeatedly because you feel shaky. Question 7 did that to me. It is that good. . . . Memoir is fashionable just now. Question 7 sets the high-water mark for what the genre can be.” James McConnachie, The Sunday Times
“Exquisite. . . . Masterful. . . . Flanagan is unfailingly good company.” —Clement Knox, Daily Telegraph
“Deeply affecting . . . [Flanagan is] a writer full of dazzling talents.” Nick Duerden, i news

“Mesmerising. . . . Accompanying him on his literary quest is a transformative experience.” —Dani Garavelli, Big Issue

“Thoughtful and often beautiful, moving without effort between the very big and the apparently very small. Flanagan is a riveting writer.” Rosa Lyster, Literary Review

“We believe we make choices in our lives, yet what explodes in these pages is the way in which the fiercest and strongest response we can make to the forces that threaten to destroy us is to surrender to love.” Julia Samuel, author of Grief Works

“A beautiful, unclassifiable novel-cum-memoir. . . . Extraordinary. . . . That it is a masterpiece is without question. Sebald himself would have been proud of the subtlety, the depth, the intensity of thought and feeling.” Alex Preston, The Observer

“Question 7
is written with a spectacular mixture of fierce energy and then control, care. It is a kind of reckoning, Richard Flanagan with his father and his mother, Tasmania with its past, Japan with its past, the author with himself. It seems to me a book that will have an overwhelming effect on readers. It certainly did on me.” Colm Tóibín, author of Brooklyn

“A small masterpiece . . . It’s a memoir about his parents, interwoven with meditations on Tasmania, genocide, colonialism, the atomic bomb, H.G. Wells and Rebecca West. That sounds hard going but it is fiercely alive and genuinely hard to put down. Also: that cover. Phwoar.”  Mark Haddon, author of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

“It is the greatest memoir of parents and place I have readand this is hardly to touch on its originality. I was amazed by its intense moral and emotional rigour, its power of compassion, the strength and beauty of the prose. I would take it up, read a page, sometimes just a paragraph, and find I had to set it down, dazed, to think about every word and idea before I could even begin to go on. Devastating and beautiful, mighty in its rage and tenderness: his most momentous book yet.” Laura Cumming, author of Thunderclap: A Memoir of Art and Life and Sudden Death
“I was fascinated, troubled and enchanted by this strange and extraordinary work: part memoir, part love-letter to the place and people of Tasmania, and part philosophical inquiry into the nature of cause and effect . . . I can think of nothing else quite like it.” Sarah Perry, author of The Essex Serpent
Question 7 is a brilliant, brilliant book.” James Rebanks, author of The Shepherd’s Life

Question 7 is a profoundly moving love song for the writer’s parents, a forensic excavation, a lament, a confession, a jigsaw puzzle in which Hiroshima connects to H.G. Wells and the Martians colonise Tasmania. We are all competitive, of course, so this is not an easy thing to say: but Question 7 may just be the most significant work of Australian art in the last 100 years.” Peter Carey, Sydney Morning Herald (Books of the Year)
Question 7 is the strangest and most beautiful memoir I’ve ever read. Magnificent.” Tim Winton, Sydney Morning Herald (Books of the Year)
“Sometimes a book is an experience felt almost in the body. Question 7 is such a book. It holds a life between its covers and while you read, it holds you too. A celebration of all life, it is also a reckoning with the twentieth century and what it revealed about us to ourselves. It is intimate, beautiful, unsparing and profound. It nudges at eternity, and then comes back home, to decency and love.” —Sydney Morning Herald (Books of the Year)
“It’s a big call to make for a Booker winner, but Question 7 could be Richard Flanagan’s greatest yet . . . So very personal and so very universal that it’s hard to shake.” —The Guardian (Best Australian Books of 2023)
“This deeply moving book is his finest work . . . Blending memoir and history and auto-fiction, this brilliantly unique book by the Booker winner is a treatise on the immeasurability of life . . . [It has] the psychological and philosophical sweep of Tolstoy, enmeshed in a personal essay that is tuned as finely as W.G. Sebald’s Rings of Saturn . . . Replete with nuance . . . So astute . . . While reading I found myself abruptly shutting the book again and again and steadying my own heart with a hand at my throat. Only the best writing is so affecting that a reader has a physical reaction.” —The Guardian Australia
“How should we think about the radical experiment that is Richard Flanagan’s new book? Imagine the Tasmanian author’s body of work to date as a many-coloured coat, a shimmering patchwork of story. With Question 7 that coat is turned inside out so that the old, familiar patterns are reversed . . . Flanagan furnishes readers with an autobiographical key to his oeuvre. But he also argues, using these same means, for fiction’s equal standing in the creation of that shared consensual hallucination we call reality.” —The Australian

“Is Question 7 Flanagan’s best book to date? I think it may be. It is his most intellectually complex and personally emotional work.” Stephen Romei, The Saturday Paper

“Beautiful and suffused with love . . . A slim volume of big ideas . . . As moving as it is arresting . . . Flanagan is in total command . . . He’s at his best here: this is a thrilling read, a simultaneously expansive and precise stream of consciousness . . . One of the real achievements of this book is how lightly it wears that complex interplay of the geopolitical, the historical and the personal. Because as tangled and varied as the allusions within these pages are, this is an intimate and personal work . . . What’s more, it ends with laughter.” —The Monthly
“Flanagan is a literary magician . . . In answer to the question, ‘can fiction change the world,’ Flanagan’s answer is ‘yes’ —for good and ill. Read this book and revel in the many ‘aha’ moments elicited by the masterful prose.” —ABC News Australia

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