Dust & Grooves playlist: music to accompany the book

We’re celebrating the release of Dust & Grooves with a playlist of songs mentioned in the book. An exploration of records and the people who collect them, Dust & Grooves includes beautiful photos and insightful interviews.
  1. High Plains Drifter by Beastie Boys, Paul’s Boutique: The special double vinyl version of this album featured a 360-degree photo of a street corner in NYC by photographer Adam Yauch, half displayed on the inside and half displayed on the outside. It requires two copies to put the photo together. (Page in Dust & Grooves: 257)
  2. Bad Bold Beautiful Girl by The Persuaders, The Persuaders:  The Persuaders’ self-titled album came out in 1973, and the song Bad Bold and Beautiful Girl topped the R&B charts at #24 (Page in Dust & Grooves: 182)
  3. Free to Be…You and Me, by The New Seekers, Free to Be…You and Me: Free to Be…You and Me was an album that was originally released in 1972 and the result of a project by the Ms. Foundation for Women. The album promoted gender neutrality, and promoted individuality and being comfortable with self-identity. (Page in Dust & Grooves: 176)
  4. Little Green by Joni Mitchell, Blue: Little Green, a beautifully melodic song, explore’s Joni Mitchell’s experience with giving up a baby girl for adoption. The Album, Blue, is a favorite song of London-based record-collector Colleen Murphy. (Page in Dust & Grooves: 144)
  5. The Man Who Sold the World by David Bowie, The Man Who Sold the World: The Man Who Sold the World is Bowie’s third album, and the title track was released in the US in November of 1970. Jeff Gold, of Venice California, notes that “The original cover, featuring Bowie in a dress, was evidently too much for his US and German record companies, to take. Both released the album with their own unique covers.” (Page in Dust & Grooves: 242)
  6. Time Dom Dom by Jorge Ben Jor, Samba Esquema Novo: Originating from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Jorge Ben Jor fuses samba, funk, rock, and bossa nova. (Page in Dust & Grooves: 142)
  7. Trick of the Light by The Raah Project, Gilles Peterson Presents Brownswood Bubblers Five: Dust ad Grooves features an interview with Gilles Peterson, a DJ, record collector, and record label owner based in the UK. Gilles’ Brownswood Recordings was designed to give unknown artists a platform to help them have their music heard. (Page in Dust & Grooves: 295)
  8. Amazing Grace by Aretha Franklin, Amazing Grace: Dust and Grooves’ author, Eilon Paz, interviews DJ Rich Medina, based out of the City of Brotherly Love: Philadelphia. Rich says of Aretha’s rendition of Amazing Grace in Dust and Grooves, “The honesty in young Aretha’s voice on this LP showed us what it meant to truly sing from your heart at all times.” (Page in Dust & Grooves: 314)
  9. Be My Baby by The Ronettes, Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes: Be My Baby peaked on the Billboard Top 100 at number 2. The Ronettes were one of the most popular groups of the 1960s, and hail from Spanish Harlem. (Page in Dust & Grooves: 342)
  10. Gat Kirwani by Ravi Shankar, The Best of Ravi Shankar: William Bensussen, also known as the Gaslamp Killer, says that Indian music is “what gets [him] in a really good mood,” during his discussion with Josiah Titus in Dust and Grooves. (Page in Dust & Grooves: 407)
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