How You Can Fight Censorship: Resources for Everyone

An introduction from Penguin Random House CEO Nihar Malaviya and resources for fighting book bans.

How You Can Fight Censorship: Resources for Everyone

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Nihar Malaviya is CEO of Penguin Random House with dual global and U.S. responsibility for the company’s more than 300 imprints spanning 21 countries across six continents.

Dear Reader, 

Our mission at Penguin Random House is to create books for everyone. We believe in the power of books and their ability to make us better — as individuals and as a society. Books give us perspective; their stories allow us to feel seen and provide us with the opportunity to learn from each other’s lived experiences. Diverse stories deserve to be told, and readers deserve the autonomy to choose what books they read. Equitable access to books and publishing a wide range of viewpoints is imperative to the work we do to connect you with our authors and their stories and ideas. 

Book bans across America are steadily increasing, and this form of censorship is a direct threat to democracy and our constitutional rights. In 2022, the American Library Association reported the highest number of attempted book bans in the last 20 years. Despite this trend, 70% of parents in America are opposed to book banning. In fact, just 11 people are responsible for 60% of book bans nationwide. This small but vocal group has led the charge in book banning, demanding that books they disagree with — specifically on topics of race and sexuality — be removed from schools and libraries, depriving children of the opportunity to learn from new perspectives and see themselves represented.

As the fight continues, we remain committed to standing by our authors, our educators and librarians, and our readers. Use this guide to further educate yourself on this growing movement, how it affects you and your community, and how you can take actionable steps to make change.

We will continue to protect the freedom to read, to publish diverse stories and ideas, and will always stand by those fighting for intellectual freedom.

In solidarity,

Nihar Malaviya

Here are some resources we recommend. Follow the prompts for inspiration: 

“I Want To Learn More About the Issue”

Get an overview:

Find out what’s happening in your community:

“I Want To Get Involved From Home and Support Organizations”

“I Want To Stay Informed About Current Legislation and Become An Advocate”

“I Want To Report Book Challenges and Bans”

  • Report censorship to one or more of these organizations:

“I Want To Attend School Board Meetings and Be a Voice for Free Expression in My Community”

  • Learn about the candidates and vote
  • Attend a school board meeting and be prepared to talk about banned books