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What Fareeda Bullert is Loving Right Now

Unforgettable romances, bingeworthy TV shows, and more

Staff Picks: Fareeda Bullert
By Fareeda Bullert

We asked some of the most bookish people we know to share what they’re enjoying these days, from the latest unputdownable novel to their current movie obsession. We’re excited to hear from Fareeda Bullert, Senior Marketing Manager at Berkley at Penguin Random House! Read on to hear in her own words what she’s reading and recommending right now.

 Drawn by Roselle Lim1
Drawn by Roselle Lim

I’m a New Yorker currently living in San Antonio, TX, which is a big change! It has definitely opened me up to more experiences, things like reading outside in winter months (70 degree temps!), authentic Mexican and BBQ food, and new bookish friends! My TBR is higher than Snoop Dogg, and includes romance, nonfiction, and more. I love a good read, the genre doesn’t tend to matter to me. Alongside all my books, I’ve recently started a plant collection (ok, maybe a forest) and am the proud mama of three cats and one mischievous puppy.

The Book of Cold Cases
by Simone St. James

Simone St. James may be one of my favorite writers, her ability to tie in the supernatural with a suspense storyline is incredible, and this book is no different. One of my favorite lines is most telling of what the story entails: “I’ve always believed murder is the healthiest obsession of all.”

Black Girl, Call Home
by Jasmine Mans

This book of poetry from Jasmine Mans is powerful and moving. Each poem requires a moment of reflection, as her words are lyrical in a way that I have not experienced often. It is a beautiful exploration of language, identity, Blackness, and more.

The Comeback
by Ella Berman

Our obsession with celebrities is never-ending. Their lives, their highs, and their lows are always on display to us, but what happens behind closed curtains, that is where the truth truly lies. The Comeback is an important story of redemption and discovering one’s own voice.

Business Not As Usual
by Sharon C. Cooper

Workplace romance, be still my heart! After devouring The Hating Game by Sally Thorne way too many times, I was so happy to snatch up this rom-com from Sharon C. Cooper. I love how the couple comes from different socioeconomic backgrounds, and this forces them not only to navigate their romance at work but outside as well. This rom-com has love, laughs, and depth!

The Final Girl Support Group
by Grady Hendrix

With Scream, Nightmare on Elm Street, and more, horror is and will always be in style. The Final Girl Support Group can help you get there. This ode to classic Hollywood horror tells the story of a group of women, Final Girls, as they’re called because they’re the last ones alive after the slashing and saws have ended. These women meet to support the unthinkable crimes that happened against them, however, when one of the women misses a meeting, the women discover they may be hunted yet again.

The Travelling Cat Chronicles
by Hiro Arikawa

It is a surprise to no one who knows me that this small, heartwarming read is on my list. You don’t have to be a cat lover or an animal lover to fall into this deeply moving story that speaks volumes about human and animal connection. It’s the perfect pocket read to remember how the smallest things can provide the greatest joys.

Surviving Savannah
by Patti Callahan

What’s a recommendation list without historical fiction? And here’s a historical fiction that will move mountains or waves I should say. Surviving Savannah is the story of “The Titanic of the South,” its legendary sinking, and how the fates of those onboard are brought back to life once the wreckage is found. This dual timeline novel is lush and atmospheric, and I urge you to add this to your TBR.

Barbarian Alien
by Ruby Dixon

Are you even on BookTok if you haven’t read an Ice Planet Barbarian book?! This sci-fi romance is HOT, like hot as H-E-Double Hockey Sticks HOT. If you haven’t dipped into these series yet, and are looking for an out-of-this-world romance, then this needs a spot on your shelf.

Some of It Was Real
by Nan Fischer

I’m most excited for Some of It Was Real by Nan Fischer, available July 26! This is the story of a medium on the verge of stardom and the cynical journalist who wants to prove she, and others like her, are frauds. Little that they know, secrets from the past will bring them together but also threaten to tear them apart.


What are you watching?

My TV watching habits are so varied, just like my reading! I’m currently trying to not sob through every new episode of This is Us while also watching Attack on Titan, a Japanese manga series. For a reality kick, I’m a 90 Day Fiancé stan and am wrapped up in their new season of Before the 90 Days. I recently finished Euphoria and Bridgerton.


What are you listening to?

While I’m not a coffee drinker, I am a strict morning podcast listener! I find it’s a great way to start my day, and on rotation, I currently have The Daily podcast from The New York Times, Snacks Daily from Robinhood Financial, and 5 Things from CNN. When I need some good tunes I throw on Cardi B or Juice WRLD.


What are you cooking?

I am dying to try the tomato feta pasta from TikTok!

Thank you, Fareeda!