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Jacquelyn Frank


About the Author

Jacquelyn Frank is the New York Times bestselling author of the Immortal Brothers series (Cursed by Fire, Cursed by Ice, Bound by Sin, and Bound in Darkness), the World of Nightwalkers series (Forbidden, Forever, Forsaken, Forged, and Nightwalker), the Three Worlds series (Seduce Me in Dreams and Seduce Me in Flames), the Nightwalkers series (Adam, Jacob, Gideon, Elijah, Damien, and Noah), the Shadowdwellers novels (Ecstasy, Rapture, and Pleasure), and the Gatherers novels (Hunting Julian and Stealing Katherine). She lives in North Carolina and has been writing romantic fiction ever since she picked up her first teen romance at age thirteen.

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Author Q&A

 We recently caught up with Jacquelyn Frank, author of the World of Nightwalkers series. Here she talks about writing the final book in the saga, Nightwalker.

EVERYDAY EBOOK: When writing fiction that borders on fantasy and the paranormal, how do you as an author know what boundaries to set for yourself in how far you can go with bending reality?

JACQUELYN FRANK: I never really do set boundaries. The only thing I do is try to make it as plausible as possible in an implausible situation. For example, to make the surrounding world as real and relatable as possible, then add in a “what if” aspect. What if there were such a thing as a wraith in our world? What if they had powers? What if we didn’t know about them but they did exist? The world would be normal … except for these one aspects of the paranormal.

PRH:What has served as your strongest inspiration in creating the world of Nightwalker?

JF: The Nightwalker world all started with a dream. I dreamed up the entire opening sequence of Jacob, the book that started it all.

PRH: Do you ever struggle with decisions pertaining to the fates of characters you’ve grown fond of in your writing?

JF: Yes! Especially when it came to writing Adam. The opening chapter of the book kills off a very beloved couple. You wouldn’t believe the flack I got for that! People didn’t realize that they had to trust me. That all they had to do was keep reading and all would be well! I always say, “Trust your author! I would never let you down!” In Nightwalker I have to draw to a close all of the fates of all of the characters of all of the books. Not an easy feat to keep everyone straight and give them the Happily-Ever-Afterss everyone might be looking for!

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