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Cara Natterson

Photo of Cara Natterson

Photo: © Joanna Degeneres

About the Author

Cara Natterson, MD, is a pediatrician, popular speaker, consultant, and New York Times bestselling author of multiple parenting and health books, including The Care and Keeping of You, a three-book series with more than six million copies in print, and Guy Stuff, the corollary for boys. A graduate of Harvard College and Johns Hopkins Medical School, Cara trained in pediatrics at University of California at San Francisco. After working as a general pediatrician for many years, she founded Worry Proof Consulting, a first-of-its-kind practice offering parents open-ended time. Cara also provides medical expertise for numerous parenting websites and she serves on several boards including Starlight Children’s Foundation, Mattel’s Barbie Council, The Honest Company medical advisors, and Zemcar. Cara lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their two teenagers.

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