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Jana Grcevich

Photo of Jana Grcevich

Photo: © Sherry Reina Hockba

About the Author

Jana Grcevich, PhD, has worked as an astronomer and science educator at the American Museum of Natural History and hosts shows at the Hayden Planetarium. She received her undergraduate degrees in astronomy, physics, and mathematics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and her doctorate in astronomy at Columbia University.  Her research interests include dwarf galaxies and interstellar gas, with a focus on radio observations and simulations of gas in dwarf galaxies.  She teaches astronomy to future high school Earth Science teachers as a part of the Master of Arts in Teaching program at AMNH.

Books by Jana Grcevich


Meet the Author: Olivia Koski & Jana Grcevich (VACATION GUIDE TO THE SOLAR SYSTEM)

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