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Dr. Lee Mellor


About the Author

Dr Lee Mellor, PhD is an author, criminologist, and musician. His books, the national bestseller Cold North Killers: Canadian Serial Murder (2012) and Rampage: Canadian Mass Murder and Spree Killing (2013) focus on he under-explored topic of multicide in Canada. Mellor’s academic works include Homicide: A Forensic Psychology Casebook (2016), Understanding Necrophilia: A Global Multidisciplinary Approach (2016), and two chapters on literary criminology for The Criminal Humanities: An Introduction (2016). Recently, he authored a substantial portion of The Crime Book (2017) for DK’s Big Ideas, Simply Explained series, as well as Behind the Horror: True Stories That Inspired Horror Movies (2020), and Conspiracies Uncovered (2021).

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